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‘Blue Bloods’ Leaves Fans ‘Conflicted’ Over Intense Tom Selleck Scene From Friday’s New Episode

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Was there something a little off about the new “Blue Bloods” episode that aired this past Friday? Or is Frank Reagan just feeling out of it?

The most recent “Blue Bloods” episode was season 12, episode 3 “Protective Instincts.” During this episode, Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) has to decide if he wants to leave his job as the police commissioner to pursue a new exciting job offer from his friend, Lenny Ross (Treat Williams).

Frank Reagan is ‘Conflicted’

The “Blue Blood” Instagram account shared a clip from the episode in which Frank is “Conflicted.”

“I’m still talking to myself. Do you think I’m being selfish?” Frank asks his father about possibly taking the job.

When he means he’s being selfish he’s wondering if he’s been selfish staying on the police commissioner job for so long. He then mentions yet another reason why he thinks staying in his position could be selfish.

Erin Reagan, his daughter, is trying to run for the District Attorney. However, while Frank is still the PC, she has little chance of being selected for the job.

“Two members of the same family in two of the most powerful positions in law enforcement in the same city,” Frank says. His father disagrees, saying they’re both perfect for the job. Frank says that it was his father who started this whole “dynasty” in the first place.

By the end of the scene, Frank is clearly left very conflicted over his future in law enforcement. He wants his daughter to get what she wants but doesn’t want to place that pressure on her in any way either.

Fans have long seen Frank as the police commissioner. This means that a career change could be huge on “Blue Bloods.”

Tom Selleck Executive Producer

Although Frank Reagan seems to constantly be considering retirement or other jobs, Tom Selleck just added a new job to his long resume.

According to a CBS press release, the actor is now listed as one of the executive producers of the series for season 12. Also listed are Kevin Wade, Ian Biederman, Brian Burns, Siobhan Byrne-O’Connor, and Dan Truly.

It makes sense that this has eventually happened for Selleck. He has been one of the leads on the series since it premiered back in 2010. This may be why we see a change for his character this season, seeing as he may have more influence now.

What kind of influence could he have over Frank Reagan? Will we finally see Frank take the plunge into retirement or an all-new career path?

Tom Selleck is incredibly fond of his role on “Blue Bloods.” He said in a 2020 interview that he didn’t have a favorite episode because he was fond of so many. He did say, however, that there was one location they filmed that will always stand out to him.

It was “special for me was being able to shoot at the 9/11 Memorial. We were the first film company to ever be able to do that. It was a very important show, very emotional show for Frank. I’m very proud of that. But I’m proud of all that we do,” he said.