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‘Blue Bloods’: Is Linda Reagan Actor Amy Carlson Open to Ever Appearing on Show Again?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

As the eighth season of the hit CBS drama Blue Bloods premiered four years ago, fans were shocked by – and decidedly unprepared for – the bombshell news Blue Bloods detective, Danny Reagan’s wife, Linda (Amy Carlson) had died in a devastating helicopter crash.

We all know that Linda Reagan is no longer alive, so for the character to actually return to the series is pretty much out of the question…that is unless the series decides to go full soap opera on us which is highly unlikely.

Will Linda Reagan Be Returning to ‘Blue Bloods’?

However, it is certainly possible that Blue Bloods producers and writers could slip in a few flashback moments featuring Linda Reagan… allowing her fans to properly say goodbye to the character.

With this in mind, is there a chance that fans of the weekly police procedural may eventually get a bit of the closure they so desperately need after the unexpected plot twist?

More importantly, would the actress who portrays the Blue Bloods wife and mother consider returning to the series if producers decide to bring Linda Reagan back for a few “flashback” episodes…giving fans the closure they have long been waiting for?

Of course, says Amy Carlson when asked about the possibility.

Fans Need Closure

“I think it’s been hard on fans,” Amy Carlson said of Linda’s death in a 2017 interview.

“I never wanted it to end that way,” the actress continued of the shocking Blue Bloods storyline.

“So I feel sad for the fans because everyone wants closure,” Carlson added. “And I hear that a lot from the fans.”

For Amy Carlson, this is enough to keep her open to the “flashback” episode idea.

“Of course I’d be open to that,” Carlson said of returning to the series for a moment of closure for fans of the wife and mother. “Sure.”

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda were married for many years before her shocking off-screen death. The couple have two sons, Sean and Jack who are now both teenagers, four years after their mother’s shocking death.

The deadly crash occurred off-screen between seasons seven and eight on the hit police procedural drama. And, the unexpected exit left some Blue Bloods fans feeling slighted without the proper closure sending the character off.

For many Blue Bloods fans, the death of Carlson’s character, a New York City emergency room nurse, was way too hasty an exit. The plotline is still a source of contention for some fans who had little to no time to really prepare for the shocking news. Or time to mourn the loss of the beloved Blue Bloods wife and mother.