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‘Blue Bloods’: A Look Ahead at What Challenges the Reagans Will Face

by John Jamison
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When we last saw the Reagans on Blue Bloods, they were dealing with all sorts of internal conflicts. Jamie had to make an unpopular decision that alienated him from his fellow cops. Eddie’s partner quit the force. And Frank Reagan had to make a tough decision regarding the conduct of one of his officers.

Unfortunately, there is no new episode of Blue Bloods this week. But that’s okay because it allows us to slow things down and take a look at what the rest of the season has in store.

When the show returns on November 5, it looks to return with a bang. The fifth episode of the season is titled “Good Intentions,” and while there isn’t an official synopsis available yet, it’s not too hard to guess where Blue Bloods is trying to go. It’s possible that Frank’s covering up of the alcohol-related incident becomes a recurring issue. Despite his meaning well, the media could make life rough for him.

On November 12, Blue Bloods comes back with episode six, titled “Be Smart or Be Dead.” Whatever the show has planned, it seems the stakes will be ramped up for this episode, at the very least. After that comes November 19’s “USA Today.” Again, we can’t be sure what the show has in mind, but the title hints at something newsworthy.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Teases Shocking Things Ahead in Season 12

Eddie Janko actor Vanessa Ray hasn’t disappointed thus far as her partner quitting the police force was a surprise that few saw coming. For all we know, that wasn’t even one of the surprises she was referring to when she talked to PopCulture a few weeks ago.

“There are a lot of surprising things that happen in this first half of the season. Very surprising things. Shocking. And get your Kleenex out. It’s good. This is a strong season so far,” Ray told the outlet.

Further, Ray’s respect for Frank Reagan actor Tom Selleck is enough to warm our hearts. The TV legend consistently delivers powerful moments and is a major reason for Blue Bloods’ success in the first place. Now a producer on the series, Selleck has been getting involved with scenes he’s not even in. Selleck’s contributions have been nothing less than masterful, according to Ray.

“He lovingly sat, read through the scene with us, gave us different ideas and different things. Then Barrett was cool, and he let us go and stage the whole thing, block the whole scene without anybody else. So just the two of us got to do it. And then Tom was the one who edited that scene together. So I feel like this one scene in the first episode of Season 12 is like a masterpiece. It’s so fun,” Vanessa Ray told PopCulture.