‘Blue Bloods’: One Major Change Had Creators ‘Concerned’ for Early Success of Show

by Joe Rutland

“Blue Bloods” creators admit that a major change for its show on CBS definitely had them “concerned” regarding its early success.

Leonard Goldberg and Robin Green, who were “Blue Bloods” executive producers in 2011, discussed their concerns during an interview with The Futon Critic.

“Here’s the thing, we were fine on Friday, we were doing really well,” Goldberg, who died in 2019, said. “The audience found us but television is a habit medium.”

“Of course, we were concerned but CBS said there (are) a lot more people available on Wednesday night and we’d like to see how you’d do,” Goldberg said. “Of course, the competition is a lot more formidable on Wednesday night and they didn’t mention that. They saw the way we were performing…so we’re really happy about it.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Executive Producer Admits Being A Bit ‘Nervous’ About Move

“I’m nervous by nature so I would have to say yes because it’s always a test,” Green said. “You never know what’s going to happen. I’m not that nervous anymore.”

“Blue Bloods” will come back for its 12th season on Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Bridget Moynihan, and Len Cariou return for another season.

The Reagan family is known for enjoying time together. When they spend time sharing a meal, it also is a spot where Frank Reagan (Selleck) can share insights or wisdom with other family members.

Wahlberg plays Detective Danny Reagan and he’s known to wander in and chat up his sister, Erin Reagan. She’s an Assistant District Attorney who will do favors for her brother. Danny might want a warrant for an arrest or some info on a witness. Erin knows it is not a good thing to help him out. But she does it anyway because, well, it’s family.

“Blue Bloods” does a great job of making sure viewers connect with the family aspect.

Wahlberg Impressed Goldberg With His Early Work

When it came to seeing Wahlberg work, especially in the early seasons, those early-season appearances definitely impressed the “Blue Bloods” creators. Did he really do so?

“Absolutely,” Goldberg told The Futon Critic. He said even casting Wahlberg as Danny was simple.

“We’ve seen Donnie in a lot of things over the years,” Goldberg said. “Sometimes it just happens, like it happened with George Clooney on ‘ER.’ That finally the role and the actor and the time come together.”

Goldberg also said Wahlberg’s early roles opened his eyes. He added that show producers knew early on that Wahlberg could make this role into his own. But the “New Kids on the Block” singer found success in 1999 as Vincent Gray opposite Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense.”