‘Blue Bloods’: Major Spoilers Ahead of This Week’s ‘True Blue’ Episode

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods is giving us some True Blue police work Friday night, as the fourth episode in the hit CBS series’s twelfth season premieres on October 22.

Early descriptions for the upcoming episode suggest that one Reagan officer will be facing some tough choices during an investigation. While another Blue Bloods player will be struggling with a major change. And another member of the Reagan clan faces a tough call in a police brutality situation.

Jamie Reagan Enlists Some Help On His Most Recent Case

In the upcoming episode, New York City police officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) faces some backlash during his most recent investigation.

Ultimately, Jamie Reagan’s investigation becomes a family affair as the officer joins forces on his most recent case with his sister, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), and Anthony an investigator with the New York City’s District Attorney’s office.

‘Blue Bloods’ Officer Investigates Some Of His Own

In the episode, Jamie investigates an underground bar. It is suspected that members of the New York Police department and the Fire Department are using the bar as a front. To hide some nefarious criminal indiscretions.

Obviously, this could be a difficult situation for the generational New York City police officer. Since the investigation could lead to involving some information regarding the criminal activities of some of Jamie Reagan’s own coworkers.

Elsewhere, Jamie’s wife, and fellow Blue Bloods New York City police officer, Eddie Janko gets some news. It is revealed that Eddie’s partner, Rachel Witten is considering exiting the force.

The idea that Witten has been considering leaving the force is not a new one. Blue Bloods fans have been seeing since early on in this season.

Would Witten’s Exit Mean A Promotion For Eddie?

In the season twelve premiere episode, Witten mentions that her time with the New York City police force may be coming to an end.

Blue Bloods fans know that Eddie Janko and her partner are more than just coworkers, they are also good friends.

Would Witten’s exit from the force inspire Eddie to pursue her thoughts on becoming a Sargeant?

If so, what would she do in the meantime, if Witten leaves the force?

We know that becoming a Sargeant is a long process.

Surely, Eddie would like to keep her friend and partner around while she undergoes the rigorous sergeant placement testing and reviews.

Another big storyline facing our favorite Blue Bloods characters in the upcoming episode follows Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez). The two officers find challenges as they work to solve the murder of a student at a prestigious private school.

Finally, New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan addresses a particularly sensitive issue with his primary aide, Abigail Baker.

Abigail Baker’s husband is returning in True Blue as Frank deals with police brutality concerns. These concerns are surrounding Baker’s husband, Brian, a member of the New York City police force.