‘Blue Bloods’: Maria Baez Actor Marisa Ramirez’s Reason for Quitting Modeling for Acting

by John Jamison

Marisa Ramirez has been playing Maria Baez, the partner of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” since 2013. Before that, she made a name for herself on the soap opera circuit. And even further back, the talented actor briefly pursued a career as a model.

Ramirez certainly had the looks to make a successful go of a modeling career. But she left it behind for acting because she didn’t like the way it hid her personality.

These days, she probably looks at the decision as one of the best she’s ever made. Eight years into a role on a hit CBS police drama like “Blue Bloods” is no small feat. And even in her earlier days as an actor, she found consistent work as everything from a series regular to a guest star on some pretty high-profile projects like “Supernatural,” “Rizzoli and Isles,” and “Bones.”

But what was it exactly that drove her away from a promising modeling career? Well, it boils down to the type of person Marisa Ramirez is. She felt that her personality was too big for it to be trapped behind the frame of a still image. What does a bright, young, beautiful woman with such a personality do in that situation? They give acting a shot, naturally.

“I was 18-19 and on my own, I didn’t like being seen as an object, as a model. I was sort of a personality and I wanted to show it. So, I decided to pursue acting. My first job was hosting for MTV,” Ramirez told ClubPlanet in 2011. “And something happened to my co-host. We were shooting and he actually was involved in an accident. The show went on hiatus at that point. Then I auditioned for ‘General Hospital.'”                  

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Star ‘Struggled’ With Her Decision to Leave College

Finding massive success at an early age is a wonderful thing. But it brings some tough decisions along with it. For “Blue Bloods” star Marisa Ramirez, choosing what to do about her college education was a big one.

Here’s the thing, Ramirez was never particularly sold on college in the first place. The tough part for her was reconciling dropping out of college with her mom’s desire for her to see it through. After all, her mom played a big part in getting her there in the first place.

“I had to pay my rent. I struggled with that. And a part of me felt my mom tried so hard to get me into it when I was young, so a part of me felt bad. That was one of the factors of why I chose my career,” Ramirez continued in the interview.

Based on where her career is now, the “Blue Bloods” star made the right decision.