‘Blue Bloods’: Meet Marisa Ramirez’s Adorable Daughter, Violet Rae

by Matthew Memrick

“Blue Bloods” star Marisa Ramirez recently snapped some adorable photos of her daughter, Violet Rae.

The 43-year-old Ramirez plays Danny Regan’s partner, Detective Maria Baez, in the long-running show. 

In real life, Ramirez shared a vacation picture and a birthday picture of young Violet Rae.

Ramirez joined “Blue Bloods” in 2013, and she had Violet a few years later in 2016. In a People story, the actress said, “it gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that my ‘Blue Bloods’ family is there to help me transition into this new chapter of my life.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Daughter A Cutie

In one of the Instagram posts, Ramirez shared a picture from a Sequoia National Park hike with her daughter. Ramirez was on a late June/early July vacation from the TV show set. She joked about fearing heights from the walk.

In another post, Ramirez celebrated her daughter’s birthday a few months ago. Violet Rae is between two green alien blowups with the cutest smile.

“Guess I blinked, and now she’s 5! So proud of this amazingly kind, brave, and sweet soul. She continues to surprise me everyday with her quick wit and humor. Thank you for giving us all a reason to laugh and smile every minute of every day. Happy Birthday to my Violet Rae 🎂”

Ramirez’s family picture changed when she was a little girl. Her parents divorced when she was 4 years ago. At age 13, a Los Angeles modeling agency found her. They soon developed Ramirez into an international model. After working in Singapore and other Asian countries, she returned home and worked on an acting career. 

Ramirez found success on soap operas “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold And The Beautiful.” She took a major role in “General Hospital” in 2000. She went on to starring roles in “Rizzoli & Isles,” “CSI: NY,” and “The Mentalist” before landing with “Blue Bloods.” 

Ramirez Fitting Into ‘Blue Bloods’ Role

Since Season 3, the actress has worked alongside Wahlberg’s character. Fans want the couple to get together in the show. 

Interestingly, Ramirez had a part in with a former New Kids On The Block performer not named Wahlberg. In 1999, she was in Jordan Knight’s “Give It To You” video, where she starred as a love interest working at a carnival. 

TechRadar247 reported on possible plots for the upcoming season, with a romantic union possibility. However, executive producer Kevin Wade has said there’s nothing planned for the two to be a happy couple on the show.

Recently, the two shared a photo in celebration of Wahlberg’s birthday last week. The busy filming schedule meant the two likely celebrated on set with the picture.

After getting renewed in April, the show’s 12th season begins on Oct. 1.