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‘Blue Bloods’: New Episode Will See Danny Reagan and an Unlikely Partner Team Up

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Yes, Blue Bloods went on a brief break for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, this week the show is back and there will be a very interesting duo.

In the past, Anthony Abetemarco has teamed up with Erin Reagan. The two have had great chemistry on screen. In fact, Steve Schirripa has talked about his relationship off-screen with Bridget Moynahan. While that has been something fans and viewers have appreciated over the years, that is not the duo we will see in the eighth episode of this season.

Instead of getting Anthony and Erin, it will be Anthony teaming up with Danny Reagan, according to Matt Carter. Not only is this a different dynamic, but it is also going to be a very sensitive case for Anthony. It is never good when you are having to go after your own family as a police officer. Blue Bloods fans will be excited to see these two team-up.

During the new episode of Blue Bloods Anthony and Danny are going after Joey, the former’s cousin. It is likely going to be a frustrating episode. However, it could also show us more depth into Abetemarco’s life and his family connections. Although he’s a detective, not everyone in his life is as law-abiding as he would hope.

While this reminds me of the relationship Eddie has with her father, it probably isn’t that intense. Having a criminal father and a criminal cousin are two different things. However, Anthony still loves his family. He is going to traverse this sensitive situation side-by-side with Danny. The two famously don’t get along.

During the short break, fans of Blue Bloods talked about how excited they are for the future of the show.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans’ High Hopes for Show’s Future

It seems that during the Thanksgiving break, fans thought about Blue Bloods quite a bit. Even the future of the show. One fan took to Reddit to talk about possibly seeing an expansion of the show into the movie theater. In fact, they think a movie based on the show would “do huge numbers.”

While the fan who posted the idea on Reddit was sure their idea would be a success, others didn’t feel the same way. Despite that, there was a consensus that the future of the CBS show is bright. Even star of the show, Tom Selleck, has said he thinks the series could go on and on.

“I don’t think there is an endpoint,” the Frank Reagan actor said last year. If Blue Bloods continues to add to the dynamics between characters like it appears to be doing with Anothony and Dann, then the show could continue to go on and grow.