‘Blue Bloods’: Officer Eddie Janko Receives a Hearty Congratulations in Heartwarming Family Dinner Scene

by Amy Myers

Big things are coming for the Blue Bloods family. Lately, it seems that each character is quickly advancing to the next phase of their lives, and for Eddie Janko, this is no different.

Recently, we found out that Eddie Janko passed the Sergeant’s exam with flying colors – not that this is a huge surprise. Eddie has proven herself to be an extremely intelligent and driven officer in the NYPD. So, the Blue Bloods patriarch, Frank Reagan, decided to celebrate the incredible accomplishment with a toast while at the Sunday night dinner table.

“Before we start, I’d like to propose a toast. Officer Eddie Janko Reagan received a near-perfect score on the Sergeant’s exam,” her father-in-law announced with a glass of wine in hand.

But then the conversation takes a curious turn. Seated beside Eddie, Erin asks what her next steps are. Eddie answers that she isn’t sure which prompts Danny to ask, “You’re not sure if you’re taking them, or you’re not sure what they are?”

Eddie shoots him a loaded look from across the table, and suddenly, the cheery conversation takes a darker turn.

Take a look.

Of course, this is a huge step for the Blue Bloods character. But if Danny’s comment holds any water, it’s possible that she may not feel ready to become a sergeant.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Discuss How Jamie Reagan Has Changed

Meanwhile, Eddie’s husband is already settling into his role as a sergeant. However, so far, some fans aren’t too happy about how the new role has changed him. On Reddit, Blue Bloods watchers gathered to discuss Sergeant Jamie Reagan.

“Anyone else get a little irritated when Jamie became a SGT? He let the power get to his head,” the author of the post said.

“I just don’t think we are used to seeing him in a leadership role and every leader has to do things that aren’t popular,” one fan suggested. “Frank is often shown having to take a hard or easy line when he thinks the opposite is called for and Jamie is looking like he’s being groomed to be the commissioner someday . An example is when he reinstituted the rule about patrol officers saluting the desk sgt upon start of tour . They fought back but he ended up saving the precinct from that thief.”

Another pointed out the fact that Jamie and Erin will likely become the heads of the NYPD in the future.

They said, “Jamie is set to become the future [Police Commissioner]. Tho it will be implied at the end of the show but I think we won’t actually see it. He is just like Erin (we probably will see her becoming DA at the end of the show) and Francis, authority figure. [They’re] fair and just. I often think Danny is the number 1 main character, but I also just love Jamie.”