‘Blue Bloods’ Once Had the Prank Wars to End All Prank Wars

by Megan Molseed

Sure, police procedural dramas such as CBS’s Blue Bloods focus quite a bit of time on some serious storylines. However, it’s not overly unusual for fans to see some hilarious antics among the characters in shows such as this from time to time. Usually, the funniest Blue Bloods moments are reserved for friendly conversation among the characters as they sit down to enjoy a Reagan family dinner. However, sometimes a comedic moment can slide into the regular programming, providing some welcome comic relief among the weekly drama.

One of these moments occurs in a Blue Bloods seventh season episode where Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan and his partner – also future wife – Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) engage in some hilariously fun covert prank-war antics in the station.

It All Starts With A Jelly Donut

The hilarious prank war begins when Jamie and Eddie are in the breakroom with some of their fellow New York City Police Department officers. Eddie calls dibs on the last jelly donut. But, fellow officer Tim Wech (Brad Fleischer) takes the donut. As he taunts Eddie while scarfing down the final jelly-filled pastry, Welch quickly learns that he had been set up. Jamie and Eddie have intentionally replaced the jelly in the donut with shaving cream. He then declares that this now “means war!”

Now, at one point, Jamie suggests that he, Eddie, and Welch make a truce. But, Welch is ready for payback. Welch enlists the help of his partner, a rookie officer named Brenda Patimkin who is played by Sarah Mezzanotte. They volunteer Jamie and Eddie in an NYPD green vehicle pilot program. The partners have to complete their patrols in a miniature smart car.

‘Blue Bloods’ Prank Wars Takes An Unexpected Turn

As the hilarious Blue Bloods antics continue, the higher-ups find out about the feud, and the group is admonished for their behavior. The group is forced to switch partners for a month as a result of their behavior. Eventually, Jamie, Eddie, and officer Tim Welch realize it was likely Welch’s partner Patimkin who ratted the group out.

The group decides to enact revenge. First by sticking a “toxic” label on the rookie officer against her knowledge. Later, Jamie gets to Patimkin in a way she wouldn’t expect. Now that the Blue Bloods officers are forced to trade partners for a month, Patimkin is going on duty with Jamie. Jamie tells the rookie officer that everything must be done “by the book.” This means that a thorough inspection of the vehicle must be made before they hit the road. While Patimkin is inspecting under the hood, Jamie hilariously turns on the siren. Causing the rookie to jump and hit her head on the hood. He insists it was an accident. But, we probably all know better, right?