‘Blue Bloods’: One Character Death Tragically Impacted Everyone on the Show

by Amanda Glover

When you get hooked onto a crime-drama like “Blue Bloods,” you likely have to get used to a character’s demise. However, the death of one specific character on the hit CBS crime-drama impacted the most.

In Season 10, fans witnessed their fair share of deaths in the show. This included the murders of New York citizens, to the deaths of police officers. When it came to Frank, the patriarch of the group, this caused many feelings of personal responsibility. However, the events of an officer-on-officer shooting affected the entire community.

In “Blue Bloods” Season 10 Episode 4, “Fog of Way,” Danny and Baez work with the cowboy hat-clad Texas Ranger Waylon Gates after the Lone Star Killer comes to New York. However, the episode mostly focuses on Eddie and her partner, Officer Addison. These two end up finding themselves in a shooting. During the intense event, Addison shoots at the only person he believes is a bad guy. Sadly, the person Addison shot turned out to be an undercover police officer. 

The tragic killing sends causes tension throughout the police department. As a family of law enforcement workers, the death of one of their own always cuts deep. I can only imagine the pain when an officer kills another officer, even by accident.

After the shooting, Internal Affairs began investigating Jamie for his inability to supervise. The death of the officer impacted the entire team.

Frank stepped in after Eddie got into an intense argument at the precinct. He reminds everyone how they needed to be honoring the death of the officer.

After the shooting, Addison almost turns in his badge. But, Frank convinces him not to.

‘Blue Bloods’: What Was One of the Show’s Best Arrests?

For almost twelve years, the characters of “Blue Bloods” endured many arrests, trials, chases, fights, and family dinners. But an arrest back in Season 5 seems to cling to our memories more than the others.

This was back when Eddie still worked with Jamie as his partner. Since her father got mixed up in a Ponzi scheme, she needed to work to earn the respect of those around her.

In the “Blue Bloods” episode, “Bad Company,” Danny works on a case involving a fake hostel in the city. The perps in charge of the hostel are using it as a front to kidnap Serbian women and then turn them into sex slaves. Lucky for the team, Eddie is fluent in Serbian. Therefore, she becomes more beneficial to the investigation and goes undercover. But, Danny warned her about the dangers of going undercover. Well, she’s still on the show, so it sounds like she made it out alive!

After agreeing to do it and infiltrating the group, Eddie ended up making the arrests. Since then, Eddie received the respect desired and was even promoted.