‘Blue Bloods’: One ‘Law & Order’ Star Had a Short But Memorable Role

by Leanne Stahulak

Way back in “Blue Bloods” Season 9, Yasha Jackson starred as Officer Maya Thomas, Eddie Janko’s new NYPD partner.

Though she only starred in six episodes, Maya Thomas made an impression on fans. She’d been part of the NYPD for a few years, per Looper, before meeting Eddie. And she had a sick younger brother to look after at home. At one point, Maya mentioned to Eddie that she needed $4,000 for her brother’s treatment. Eddie recommended she do a fundraiser of some sort at the precinct, but Maya rejected the idea.

Turns out, she had a specific reason for doing so. Maya was already stealing money from crime scenes. Eddie and Jamie Reagan ended up catching Maya stealing money and arrested her in a Season 9 “Blue Bloods” episode. And that was the last fans saw of her on the CBS procedural.

But Yasha Jackson has starred in several roles before and since then. In fact, the “Blue Bloods” actress got her start with a small speaking role on none other than “Law & Order: SVU.” She played Courtney Williams in a season 9 episode called “Snitch.”

After that, Jackson landed a big role in 2017 on “Black Mirror,” leading to a three-episode arc in “Ray Donavon” and then “Blue Bloods.” Since then, Jackson has featured in key roles for shows like “Manifest,” “The Bold Type,” and “The Flight Attendant.”

Here’s Why Sami Gayle Left ‘Blue Bloods’

“Blue Bloods” fans might be wondering what happened to Nicky Reagan, played by Sami Gayle. Last we saw her, she was living an “independent” life as a college student. This was around Season 10, and now that we’re in Season 12, we’ve barely seen Nicky at all.

That’s because Gayle, in real life, is also attending college. For a while, she juggled classes at Columbia alongside filming for “Blue Bloods.” Earlier, she sat down with Hollywood Life to explain how stressful it was to balance both.

“I didn’t sleep!” Gayle recalls. “It was the best time of my life, though. We shot Wednesday to Sunday schedule. I did this for about seven weeks. On Sunday night, we’d finish shooting, I don’t know maybe at three or four in the morning. I’d get on a plane at 6 a.m., I would come to New York, shoot Blue Bloods in the morning, then I would go to school. I boarded my classes that semester from 1 to 8 so that I could attend as many as possible on the Monday, Tuesday. I wrote my papers on planes!”

That sounds like an absolute nightmare. Acting and homework require a lot of mental focus, draining Gayle while she’s also working these crazy hours on minimal sleep. So, we understand why she took a break from “Blue Bloods.”