‘Blue Bloods’: One Star Once Competed on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ and Won

by Clayton Edwards

There is no denying that Blue Bloods is a hit. The cop drama has been captivating audiences for eleven straight seasons. They thought the ride was over at the end of the latest season. However, the show scored great ratings. So, the network renewed it for at least one more round. A good portion of the show’s success comes from the writing and directing. Without solid writers, the story wouldn’t be nearly as engrossing. At the same time, the characters wouldn’t be as relatable.

However, without its cast, the Blue Bloods charactes wouldn’t come to life like they do. It’s hard to find a show on TV right now that has a better group of actors. The cast features big names like Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridgette Moynahan, just to name a few. However, just about everyone on the show had a successful career before the show.

For instance, Will Estes plays Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods. Before that, though, he was in films like U-571 and The Dark Knight Rises, as well as TV shows ranging from The New Lassie to Diagnosis Murder. However, in 2003, he did something that very few actors get to do. He was on Celebrity Jeopardy!.

The Future ‘Blood Bloods’ Star on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’

Long before stepping into his role for Blue Bloods, Will Estes took the stage on America’s favorite quiz show. Will competed in game three of the 2003 Celebrity Jeopardy! run. He was in the hot seat with country music star Brad Paisley as well as Star Trek: Enterprise star Linda Park.

So, not only does Will Estes star in Blue Bloods but he can also say that he once shared the stage with Braid Paisley. Of course, it didn’t have anything to do with country music. However, it’s still worth bragging about in the right setting.

It turns out that Will didn’t just compete in Celebrity Jeopardy!. He won. It takes more than just a head full of trivia to take home a win on Jeopardy!. Contestants have to be quick with the buzzer. They also have to have the ability to think on their feet to stay a step ahead of the competition. So, taking home that win is definitely a feather that the Blue Bloods star can put in his cap.

Estes talked briefly about the win with Channel Guide Magazine in 2015. They asked the Blue Bloods star what it was like to compete on the iconic quiz show. He really didn’t have much to say about it except, “It was the moment of a lifetime for my dad. He’s a big Jeopardy! fan. I don’t know how on this green earth I won. My dad was pretty ecstatic.”