‘Blue Bloods’ Pays Tribute to Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg in Father’s Day 2021 Post

by Matthew Wilson

In honor of Father’s Day, “Blue Bloods” is honoring some of the dads among its cast. For instance, it pays tribute to the TV father-son relationship between Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck.

Both Selleck and Wahlberg play key members of the Reagan family. Wahlberg is arguably the heart of the show as Danny Reagan. Meanwhile, Selleck headlines the production as the Reagan patriarch Frank. Over the past 11 seasons, Selleck’s Frank has shared a lot of advice with his on-screen children.

“Blue Bloods” captioned the post, “Happy Father’s Day! Tell us one thing you love about your dad.”

Fans shared their own personal stories with their fathers. One user wrote about the wisdom of TV dads like “Blue Bloods” Frank. “These TV fathers have a lot of wisdom and are great role models for their viewers.”

Meanwhile, the “Blue Bloods” cast has become like a real-life family. After spending over a decade together, Selleck and Wahlberg act more like father and son than co-workers. It’s a bond that’s strengthened between the two of them.

“I call him dad now, and he calls me son,” Wahlberg told ET. “I mean, that’s how we talk to each other off-camera. First, he used to kind of grumble at me, like… ‘This music guy’s kind of weird.’ And then now he calls me son. And he’ll come in and give me a big hug. You know, you get a hug out of Tom Selleck, that’s a big deal.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star and His Family

While “Blue Bloods” may take a lot of his time, Donnie Wahlberg makes time to spend with his real family. He’s close to his own kids and his numerous siblings as well. In fact, if he had to describe a perfect day, it would be spent with family. Wahlberg wishes he could spend every day at home relaxing with his close loved ones and friends.

“I would wake up cuddling with my wife,” he told UpRoxx in 2019. “Take her and our kids and all of their friends out to breakfast at our favorite diner. Get in a quick workout with my wife, while streaming an episode of ‘The Crown.’ Go golf with my golfing buddies. Meet my wife and kids for dinner. Go to the Hotel Baker in St. Charles [Illinois] for an old-fashioned and my wife’s favorite, a cosmopolitan. Then go back home and get in bed with my wife, where the day started.”

But Wahlberg has often stayed busy working “Blue Bloods,” New Kids on the Block, and various other projects. But he still makes time to enjoy life and the smaller moments when he can. That’s something Tom Selleck probably agrees with as well.