‘Blue Bloods’ Producer Once Asked Tom Selleck to Shave His Iconic Mustache: Here’s Why

by Madison Miller

Tom Selleck is known for a variety of different roles and series.

He currently has a leading role in “Blue Bloods” as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. His breakout role was as Thomas Magnum in the 1980s classic show “Magnum, P.I.” He’s also been a part of “Three Men and a Baby,” “Quigley Down Under,” “Mr. Baseball,” and several other movies.

Beyond just being an acting star, Selleck loves working on his California ranch alongside his wife, Jillie Joan Mack.

Above all, Selleck’s mustache is beyond recognizable and has become a trend of its own. His bushy and full stache is called a Chevron mustache. It is also known as the Selleck mustache due to Tom Selleck being one of the first and most popular to rock the look. It relies on coarse hair and a neat, simplistic style. Countless websites give people tips on how to pull off the iconic Hollywood mustache.

The mustache even has its own Facebook page with over 30,000 followers. It’s listed as a public figure.

Selleck’s mustache style adds to the stern and serious character roles he tends to have.

Tom Selleck Mustache Controversy On ‘Blue Bloods’

So, why would anyone dare to drag Selleck away from his prized stache? In an interview with BUILD Series from 2017, Tom Selleck talked about the time a producer asked him to shave his iconic mustache. He talked about the decision that led to him having the mustache on “Blue Bloods.”

“The director said, ‘Maybe you ought to play this guy without a mustache.’ I said sure, I was born that way. I do work without it … but Leonard Goldberg who created the show, basically, said well let me check with CBS. The word came down to Tom has a mustache,” Selleck said.

He also said that accuracy in his characters is important. He first made sure that a Police Commissioner was allowed to have one while working and found out they could. Now Selleck and his mustache have been rather inseparable since. He is forced to endure countless questions regarding his facial hair and how many fans place it as a key part of his personality and image.

“Most of the time I got hired they said the mustache is okay, but you gotta shave it off for the job. I was born without it and I’m prepared to work without it,” Selleck said.

Selleck has parted ways with his furry upper lip for many roles over the years. One notable example of this is when he shaved his mustache for “In & Out” in 1997. His character was a gay entertainment reporter that shares his experience coming out and is romantically involved with Kevin Kline’s character.