‘Blue Bloods’: Janko’s Partner Exits the Show After Tense Incident

by Amy Myers
Photo: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Blue Bloods gave fans quite the shock when Eddie Janko’s partner, Rachel Witten, announces that she’s leaving the show. The news of her departure followed a tense but ultimately unfatal situation in the park.

Witten and Janko stopped a man from assaulting a homeless woman. Janko took the assailant into custody. That left Witten to take care of the victim, who was bleeding from her forehead. Despite her injury, the woman refused to talk to or accept help from Witten. When the NYPD officer insisted on helping, the woman spat in her face. Witten, aghast at the woman’s actions, still managed to get the victim to stand. The officer vowed to assist her “whether you like it or not.”

Usually, on Blue Bloods, a member of the force doesn’t leave the field unless they’ve encountered some extreme event. Take, for example, a fatal shooting or an especially disturbing case. The trauma from that one investigation becomes so great that it impedes their ability to continue to serve and protect the residents of New York. However, as Witten’s resignation demonstrated, sometimes, the toll the job can take on an officer is gradual. Instead, the trauma builds with every new interaction with victims and perpetrators.

Despite being relatively new to Blue Bloods, Witten had been an officer for years, only recently coming back to the force after taking a leave of absence. Since the moment she returned to her duty, Witten felt her faith in her career disintegrate, each day feeling more unsure if the mistreatment she faced was worth the cause. Finally, this feeling came to a head during her last interaction with the assault victim. Even as Witten’s partner pleaded for her to open up about her thoughts, nothing could change her mind about her next move.

‘Blue Bloods’ Officer Meets with Commissioner Frank Reagan for the Final Time

When Blue Bloods Officer Witten broke the news of her departure to her partner, of course, Janko tried to convince her otherwise. Unfortunately, Witten was confident in her decision and submitted her notice regardless of her partner’s pleas. Accepting that there was nothing she could do to stop Witten, Janko at least convinced the former officer to visit the office of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on her way out.

Reagan seemed to have the same reaction as Janko, hoping for Witten to stay but ultimately accepting her decision. He reminded her that she would still have a year to change her mind and return to the force. Witten appreciated the thought but seemed firm in her stance.

 “I would like to ask a favor,” the Blue Bloods commissioner told Witten, “That a year from today, you get in touch with me… if not to re-up, then just to catch up.”

She agreed and saluted her superior one last time before exiting.