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‘Blue Bloods’: Relive Tense Moment When Frank Reagan Disagrees With His Daughter Erin

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Even the most picture-perfect families are bound to have their squabbles. For the Reagans in Blue Bloods, those squabbles tend to be over more serious matters than whose turn it is to use the family cabin. With the NYPD Commissioner as your father, a detective as one brother and an officer as another brother, there’s bound to be disagreements over justice—especially when you’re the Assistant DA for Manhattan.

Blue Bloods character Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) often has to choose between pleasing her family and doing her job. Spoiler alert, she almost always chooses the latter. This often leads to butting heads with her dad or brothers, and though her intentions are good, it can sometimes lead to bad blood.

Most of the time, Erin runs into disagreements with her father and Blue Bloods patriarch, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). Because he is in a position of authority, he believes he knows best (and often does). However, sometimes emotions can get in the way of logic, and Frank tries to bend the rules to try to catch the criminal. And in those cases, his daughter is there to stop him from doing anything he’ll regret later. That’s exactly what happens in the scene below. In the Season 6 premiere of Blue Bloods, Erin and her father go head-to-head over who’s right.

‘Blue Bloods’ Scene Shows Difficult Dynamic Between Father and Daughter

While discussing the need for a warrant to access a crucial location, Blue Bloods character, Erin Reagan, points out that while the informant gave permission to search the apartment, the renters did not. She insisted that the renters have “the right to a locked door.”

Of course, for Frank Reagan, who desperately needed to find the evidence behind that locked door, this wasn’t the news he was hoping to hear.

And, perhaps just like a scorned child, Frank becomes upset when his daughter doesn’t agree with his plan to seize the evidence.

“I assumed you would be on my side,” he told her.

Despite the fact that his daughter’s job is to prevent law enforcement from taking advantage of citizens’ rights, Frank always seems to expect his daughter to agree with his perspective no matter what. And many times, he’s sorely mistaken. In this instance, Erin once again has to play the bad cop (pun intended) by keeping her father and his team in check. The dynamic between the two shows just how much tension occurs when the power dynamic between a father and a daughter is reversed.

Frank and Erin Agree They ‘Never Had This Conversation’

Even after Erin provided multiple reasons her father shouldn’t go through with his plan, the Blue Bloods patriarch insisted that it was the right choice.

“I think it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission on this one,” he told his daughter.

Although frustrated with his decision, Erin Reagan still stood by her father in the end. As she leaves they both agree, “We never had this conversation.”