‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Matches in a Lavender Field from Breathtaking Photos in Iceland

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, Blue Bloods actress Sami Gayle took to Instagram earlier today to show off a scenic photo from her travels in Iceland.

While the cast of the hit show is on break from filming, Gayle is living it up abroad. The 12th season of Blue Bloods won’t release until the end of the year, so she’s enjoying herself by traveling around Iceland. In fact, the trip ended up being a spontaneous adventure for Gayle and her brother.

The siblings recently made an abrupt decision to visit the country at the drop of a hat. Since earlier this week, the Blue Bloods star has shared five posts with her 41,000 followers from her travels. Each picture seems to be more and more scenic. Gayle’s recent posts include a picture and a video at a waterfall with a rainbow perfectly accompanying each.

Yet her most recent post is right on par with the rest. Gayle shared a breathtaking photo in the Lupine fields of Iceland. In the background, picturesque snow-capped mountains are seen in the distance.

“Remember a few days ago when I said I dressed to match my surroundings… Didn’t intend for this, but got lucky. Welcome to the Lupine fields of Iceland,” the Blue Bloods actress captioned her Instagram post.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Shares Her Love of ‘Spontaneity’ On Instagram

When Blue Bloods actress Sami Gayle first let her fans know about her Iceland trip, she also shared a lengthy caption that explained why she took the abrupt trip. The star shared how much she loves to be spontaneous and enjoys taking last-minute trips.

“I love SPONTANEITY,” she wrote in the post. “Some of the best moments of my life were born from an impulsive decision — a last minute trip, an instinct to go somewhere I otherwise would not, etc.”

The actress went on to explain how she and her brother decided to pack their bags and head to Iceland. Evidently her brother and his best friend were already going. They invited her with short notice, but the Blue Bloods star jumped at the chance to travel somewhere new.

“So, earlier this week, when my brother asked me if I wanted to come with him and his best friend to Iceland, I immediately said yes and was on a plane a couple of days later. And, as you’ll see in my stories, it was absolutely the right choice,” she added.

She shared a suggestion for her followers as well. Gayle encouraged her fans to do the same if they have the means.

“When opportunity knocks — if it’s feasible — open the door. You never know what you might find, see and learn. Are you ready to see some beyond incredible mountains, waterfalls, rainbows and more?!!!!!?” she asked as she ended her post.