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‘Blue Bloods’: Sami Gayle Shows Off Her Athletic Side in New Video, Talks About ‘Vulnerability’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Twenty-five-year-old Sami Gayle is a woman of many talents. While she’s notably known her for role on “Blue Bloods” as Nicky Reagan-Boyle, the actress is showing off another side of her skills.

In a recent video, which the actress posted on Instagram, Gayle showcases her athletic side. Dribbling a basketball a couple times, Gayle takes aim, shooting the ball straight in the basket. The actress may be small in stature but she’s definitely showing she’s more than capable.

However, her reasoning behind the post seems less to do with her athletic prowess and more to do with being open to new experiences.

The actress shared an inspiring message in the video’s caption.

“Lately, I’ve found myself reflecting on moments when I haven’t taken action to shield myself from vulnerability. After all, when we put ourselves out there, whether at work, in our personal lives, etc., we open ourselves up to the possibility that things will not work out.

“But, as a friend of mine reminded me yesterday, the result is that we often forego potentially wonderful experiences and opportunities, just because we’re afraid to fail.”

The encouraging post is a message to her followers about taking chances in the face of fear. While the actress is incredibly successful for being so young, she’s also obviously had her share of doubts.

“In the end, if we try and fail, we won’t regret having exercised courage… the only thing we might regret is not having tried in the first place.

“So as we think about the week to come, let’s figure out how we can celebrate and embrace vulnerability instead of shying away from it… I bet we’ll make some slam dunks along the way,” Gayle said underneath her video post.”

Sami Gayle got her start on Broadway before appearing in television guest roles. She landed a main role on “Blue Bloods” in 2010 and has been a force on the show ever since.

“Blue Bloods” Star Always Keeps it Positive

In addition to her words about vulnerability, Sami Gayle is known for posting uplifting messages via social media. The actress stays motivational, encouraging her fans to “Keep climbing. You never know what or where or who is one step away…”

While the actress is a regular on “Blue Bloods,” she did step away briefly in the show’s tenth season to pursue some other projects. However, she received such positive comments about her role in the CBS show’s storyline.

“For those people [cops] to come up to us and say thank you so much for how you represent our families and our personal lives, as well as our professional lives, onscreen, really is probably the most gratifying aspect of our job,” Gayle told CBS New York.