‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Stuns in Poolside Pics, Shares Sweet Message About ‘Power of Smiling’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle is not done showing off her sultry summer looks. In a recent Instagram post, the actress dazzled fans with a gorgeous poolside swimsuit pic.

The skyscrapers in the background show she’s staying in some kind of city, likely Los Angeles. But the real eye-catcher in the pic is Gayle’s one-piece cream bathing suit, styled with zig-zagging arrows. And let’s not forget the wide tan waist belt, six-inch stilettos, and iconic heart-shaped silver necklace.

This isn’t the first time the “Blue Bloods” star has stunned fans with incredible photos of her trendy and fashionable style. But in this post, she also added a sweet, heartfelt message about her wide grin.

“My grandmother always told me never to underestimate the power of smiling at someone… ‘it can change their entire day,'” the “Blue Bloods” star wrote in her caption. “So, every day, I make a concerted effort to smile at —at least — one person I don’t know.”

Gayle’s smile is gorgeous and infectious, in this and all her other photos on Instagram. It’s no wonder that the simple action might brighten someone’s day.

“This is me sharing a smile with all of you, and maybe you’ll think about doing the same with someone YOU encounter today,” Gayle wrote. She finished off the caption with her go-to salutation, “Sincerely, Sami.”

Several fans appreciated the “Blue Bloods” star’s message, happy to see her spreading love and joy. “Absolutely! You can see their entire countenance change. So much fun!! Keep smiling, sis!!!” one fan commented.

“Wow Sami! Thanks for your smile. Here’s one right back at you!” another said.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Continues to Impress With Beautiful Pics

Earlier this week, “Blue Bloods” actress Sami Gayle posted another summer look, only this one took place in the desert rather than the pool.

Gayle took a mini-vacay to Joshua Tree National Park, out in the deserts of California. In her post, she said she was “Chilling in the dry heat.” Pretty easy to do when temps can reach over 100 degrees out by Joshua Tree.

It’s hard to tell which look is more incredible: Gayle’s outfit or the stunning California background behind her. In the photos, the “Blue Bloods” star rocks a multi-colored striped romper. The stripes run vertically on top and horizontally on the bottom in a zig-zagging pattern. The material looks to be a soft knit.

Behind Gayle, a beautiful blue sky with wisps of clouds soars in the background. You can also see several desert flora and fauna, and Gayle leaning against a giant boulder. But the last picture is the real jaw-dropper, featuring Gayle in the middle of the desert sands. The sun sets behind big blue mountains behind her, turning the sky orange and yellow and pink all at once. It looks like something you’d see off a postcard.

Keep an eye on Gayle’s Instagram page for more fashion updates and beautiful photos from the stunning “Blue Bloods” actress.