‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Premiere Draws Biggest Ratings of Friday Night Lineup

by Megan Molseed

Last night CBS’s crime dramas were an on-air favorite, bringing in some amazing numbers during their season premieres. In fact, the season twelve premiere of the hit series Blue Bloods saw some major viewership.

The final numbers of Friday evening’s viewership put the popular CBS drama ratings up near the top with over five million viewers, per Deadline.

The long-awaited premiere definitely did not disappoint the viewers, either. Last night’s Blue Bloods brought some major storylines to the show’s fans…promising for an amazing twelfth season on the air.

In all, the twelfth season premiere of the popular police procedural brought in an incredible total of 5.98 million viewers for the evening. And, some awesome storylines as only Blue Bloods can tell them!

‘Blue Bloods’ Frank Reagan Addresses A Rise In Crime

First, we see the tensions between Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan and the New York City Mayor rise as they disagree on how to address a deadly crime spree.

Both Frank Reagan who portrays the New York City Police Commissioner, and his son New York City detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) are investigating two shooting crimes; each involving children.

Frank’s case involves a shooting where someone fired into a bus, killing one child, and seriously injuring another.

As the commissioner, Frank addresses the crime during a press conference, along with the mayor.

The two men are at odds in regards to how to address this crime, as well as the rising issues. This becomes apparent in a very public manner during the press conference.

Detective Reagan Seeks New Information – And A Friendship

Danny Reagan’s case involves the death of a five-year-old who was shot during a neighborhood gathering. Danny and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) are disturbed by the case, especially the tragic loss of someone so young.

Detective Danny Reagan decides to approach the case from a different angle and consults a psychic hoping to gain a lead on the murder. Of course, there is much more to this visit, some believe.

Danny’s partner Maria suspects that Danny may have decided to visit the psychic as an excuse to visit.

In fact, the astute psychic addresses Danny about his tendency to throw himself into work. She asks the detective about the last time he went out just to have fun.

The conversation leads to the detective and the psychic discussing going out for a night of karaoke.

While he turns her down, initially, Danny does eventually meet the psychic for a couple of drinks and songs by the end of the premiere episode.

Is there going to be a blossoming romance between Danny and the psychic? Only time will tell!

Finding New Information

Elsewhere, Frank’s daughter, Erin, who serves as the Blue Bloods New York City Assistant District Attorney decides to look into an old case that involved her current boss, Kimberly.

However, the more Erin digs, the more she finds pieces of the case that Kimberly had kept hidden from authorities. This creates issues within the office and gives Erin some pause as to what she needs to do with her new information.

The second episode of the Blue Bloods twelfth season will premiere on Friday, October 8.