‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Premiere Episode Title Revealed, Teases Major Drama for Reagan Family

by Keeli Parkey

It appears that fans of “Blue Bloods” need to be prepared for some major drama for the Reagan family when the show returns this fall. The return will mark the 12th season of the popular CBS crime drama.

The title of the first episode of this upcoming season was just released by Siobhan Byrne O’Connor, the show’s executive producer and a writer on the series. According to her Instagram, the title is “Hate Is Hate.”

O’Connor shared a photo of the script’s cover. Also included with the photo was her caption: “Yep, we’re back. Gearing up for episode 1201! #bluebloods

An episode with “Hate Is Hate” as the title can’t be filled with many good things. So, fans should expect some major drama for the Reagan family at the start of season 12. Directing this episode will be David Barrett. He is also an executive producer for the series. And, he has directed more than 50 episodes of “Blue Bloods.”

Executive Producer Shares Details About First Episode the 12th Season of ‘Blue Bloods’ With Fans

According to O’Connor, the premiere will feature assistant district attorney Erin Reagan, the daughter of Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan. Hopefully, Erin and the rest of the Reagans won’t find themselves in too much trouble during the premiere.

Fans should also expect Erin’s co-workers District Attorney Kimberly Crawford and Anthony Abetemarco to make an appearance. Crawford is played by Roslyn Ruff, while Abetemarco is played by Steve Schirripa.

Another thing about Erin that fans wanted to know was when they would get to see her interact with her ex-husband, Jack Boyle, who is played by Peter Hermann. O’Connor said fans will get to see the two of them together. However, that will not take place in the first episode of season 12.

Fans also asked about Reagan’s son, Jamie, and his wife, Eddie. Fans have dubbed the couple, played by Will Estes and Vanessa Ray, with the pet name “Jamko.” There will be plenty of them this season. “Jamko coming up,” O’Connor said.

Filming of the 12th season of “Blue Bloods” will begin soon. Siobhan Byrne O’Connor confirmed filming stars during the third week of July to fans on Instagram.

The 11th season of the popular drama ended with a two-part finale. Fans had just discovered that Joe Hill, the son of the late Joe Reagan, was doing undercover work for the ATF. Obviously, his family members were concerned for his safety. So Danny Reagan, who is played by Donnie Wahlberg, and Jamie did their part to help protect Joe.

“Blue Bloods” will continue to air on CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Fridays when it returns this fall.