‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Premiere: What Title and Description Tell Us About New Episode

by Megan Molseed

Season twelve of Blue Bloods is finally about to get underway. And, while we may love Blue Bloods, one emotion seems to be prevalent in this week’s premiere episode: Hate.

The title of the Blue Bloods season twelve premiere episode has now been officially released: “Hate is Hate,” and it’s really making fans of the hit CBS series think.

Does this mean as we reconnect with the Reagan clan in “Hate is Hate” that the law enforcement-focused family, and their partners, are going to be up against some intense moments tonight? Well, of course they will.

Each episode of the hit series promises an awesome look at the family’s commitment to the New York City police force.

According to a recently released description of the long-awaited Blue Bloods episode, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) will be seeking new avenues on the job. This comes as he works to solve a tragic murder case that involves a young boy.

We can only imagine how invested the New York City detective will be as he approaches the case. Since the Blue Bloods detective is a single father to two sons.

We know children are certainly important to the officer. So it would make sense that this case is one he will likely take very personally.

Danny Looks For Help On His Case

According to IMDB, Danny Reagan will step outside of his own department and his standard techniques in solving the crime. This week, the detective consults a psychic to help him in the investigation.

Elsewhere, Danny’s father, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) finds himself going toe-to-toe with the New York City mayor. The two find themselves at odds due to a recent crime increase. This comes just as Frank, who serves the city as the New York City Police Department’s Police Commissioner, is addressing a high-profile shooting that has rocked the city…and the department.

In this week’s Blue Bloods episode, we will also reconnect with Frank Reagan’s only daughter, Erin; as she reopens the investigation on a “decades-old” case.

Perhaps this particular case has something to do with the murder Danny is investigating…and desperate to solve? It’s hard to tell if any of these storylines will merge as the Friday evening episode progresses.

However, we do know for sure the three family members – and the other members of the Reagan clan – will connect somehow; if not through their own individual investigations.

A ‘Blue Bloods’ Tradition

Maybe, as the episode wraps up, the question will become something to which we always love finding the answer to…who will be seated at the Reagan family supper table?

Last season, Erin’s daughter Nicky, and Danny’s oldest son, Jake, made only a few appearances at the regular Blue Bloods family dinners; as both were away at college. Maybe they’ll make an appearance tonight?

Also, another Reagan family member, Joe Hill, the long-lost son of Frank Reagan’s late son, Joe, had been making more and more appearances at the family dinner table; as he and the Reagan clan got to know each other better.

Blue Bloods showrunners have said that fans of the series can expect more appearances from Joe Hill in this season. Maybe tonight will be one of these appearances?

The Blue Bloods twelfth season is scheduled to premiere tonight on CBS.