‘Blue Bloods’: Seeing Other Actors ‘Throw Their Weight Around’ Influenced One Star’s Approach

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck is no stranger to playing a variety of roles on television as well as on the big screen. During his career, the star has played many roles from the suave detective “Thomas Magnum,” to Peter, a free-wheeling bachelor on “Three Men and a Baby,” to “Mr. Baseball’s” Jack Elliot. Selleck has also stepped in as producer for many projects including the popular “Jesse Stone” series of television movies. Selleck also starred in the “made-for-television” films.

When Selleck’s most recent television series, “Blue Bloods” premiered in 2010, the actor sat down with Collider. During the interview, the actor discussed the series, as well as the direction of his successful career.

During the interview, Selleck noted that one thing that drew him to the hit CBS drama series was the fact that he would be collaborating with an ensemble cast. A big change from his previous experiences where his characters were the focus of each episode in a series.

“Having done a lead, as I did in “Magnum,” being in every shot, I know it’s a tough road,” the actor explained.

Selleck also noted that the hit 1980s television series was never canceled, he just had to eventually step away from the role.

“Magnum was never canceled,” he explained. “I left it after eight years because I was tired from it, not tired of it.”

Selleck Enjoys Being a Part of “Blue Bloods” Ensemble

During the 2010 interview, Selleck went on to note that he found the “Blue Bloods” series to be appealing because it gave him the ability to star in a series while not taking on too many roles to make it work.

“This is an ensemble piece with four roles,” Selleck explained. “I certainly see it as equals.”

Selleck says he enjoys the idea that while he isn’t wearing too many hats in the development of each “Blue Bloods” episode. However, the actor noted, he is still allowed some creative freedom.

“It’s a matter of knowing my place,” the actor told the outlet. “At the same time I get ideas, so it’s important to establish a working relationship.”

The “Blue Bloods” star went on to note that while he does have experience writing and producing, he knows when to wear the correct hat for each of his roles.

“I’m pretty good at wearing the correct hat,” Selleck explained. “I’ve seen people throw their weight around too much, for most of my life in this business, and I want to make sure I don’t do that.”

Since its premiere in 2010, “Blue Bloods” has become a Friday night fan-favorite. Centering around the Reagan family, “Blue Bloods” features Selleck as Frank Reagan, as New York City Police Commissioner. Frank is also the father to Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) an NYPD detective; Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and NYPD sergeant; and Erin Reagan, the New York City Assistant District Attr=orney. The hit series follows the Reagan family as they navigate the issues surrounding law enforcement in New York City.