‘Blue Bloods’ Sees Ratings Rise for Finale, Dominating Friday Viewership

by Clayton Edwards

Blue Bloods showed that it knows how to go out with bang. The two-hour season finale aired Friday. The extended episode dominated the broadcast TV viewership. Packed with drama and intrigue, the season finale brought in millions of viewers and carried a huge chunk of their target demographic.

The Blue Bloods season eleven finale wasn’t just another episode. It was a television event. This sort of thing is rare in the age of streaming entertainment. However, the cast and crew of the hit crime drama reminded fans what big TV events were like in the good old days. Tom Selleck and other cast members made sure that people would tune in by hyping the event.

The hype paid off, according to TVLine. Their calculations show that the Blue Bloods season finale pulled in an average of 6.5 million viewers. That counted for a 0.5 demographic rating. The only other show to come close to the big event was Shark Tank which tied the finale’s demographic rating.

Blue Bloods Season 11 Finishes Strong

The Blue Bloods season finale couldn’t fail. It brought drama and tension like nothing else on TV could. The big draw for the episode was the return of Joe Hill, the grandson of Commissioner Reagan. Hill has been absent from the show for quite some time. However, it turns out that he was off working undercover. Unbeknownst to some members of the Reagan clan, Hill was working deep-cover to bring down an illegal gun ring.

Danny Reagan discovers that Hill is working undercover while working on a homicide. Then, things heat up when he finds out that Frank knew about it all along. So, the stage is set with family drama as well as one character who is in dangerous territory.

The plot of the two-hour episode of Blue Bloods focused on keeping Joe Hill alive.

The Blue Bloods season finale is stronger than most episodes. In fact, they may have outdone themselves with this pulse-pounding plotline. There is a good reason for this. Showrunners feared that the show was on the chopping block. So, they wanted to give the long-running cop drama a solid sendoff. At the same time, they wanted to make sure that fans of the show were satisfied with the conclusion. So, they pulled out all of the stops.

Luckily for the Blue Bloods team as well as fans of the show, this wasn’t the end. The show has been renewed for a twelfth season that will kick off later this year and run into 2022.

If you missed the season finale of Blue Bloods or just want to re-watch it in all its glory you can check it, and the rest of the series out on a variety of streaming platforms. Those platforms include Paramount+, Hulu, and YouTube TV.