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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Posts More Amazing Pics From Stunning Beach Getaway

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

We are living vicariously through Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk and her recent Instagram updates of her family beach vacation. It seems Hawk has taken some well-deserved time away from the TV set to spend some quality time with her loved ones.

While most families tend to head down south to Jamaica, the Bahamas or other island destinations, Hawk took her two kids up north to Maine to enjoy the sun and sand. On Wednesday, the Blue Bloods star commemorated the start of the family vacation with a collage of videos and photos on Instagram. In the first video of the post, several kids and one adult in the family race around a stone house. The following photos and clips featured various members of the family that joined the trip. And almost all of them were full of silly (and perhaps a little embarrassing) moments.

Hawk captioned the photo, “Family. ‘Vacations’ are anything but these days, but to be together, sharing space, breaking bread, is something to be cherished. What a privilege time is.”

She shared her next collection of vacation photos yesterday, and today she’s back with more.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Enjoys All Maine Has to Offer With Family

In the caption of her most recent post, the Blue Bloods star lists the places her family has visited so far. Among the destinations, the Hawk family has been to Rockport Harbor and Mount Battie in Maine.

The first photo in the group shows the same stone house from her first vacation post. We can only assume that this is where the family is staying during their visit. The following few photos detail some of the activities that Hawk and her kids have done. One features water-color paintings they did together. Another shows the two boys playing by the chilly Atlantic water with a net and bucket. Piles of seaweed surround them on each side.

Towards the end, though, we see a photo of mom having a moment to herself. From the porch of a restaurant, the Blue Bloods actress snaps a selfie with a crisp glass of rosé pressed to her lips. Finally, ending the post is a photo of a shop window, where we can see Hawk take the photo in the reflection. In the white text, the window boasts an excerpt from The Moose by American poet Elizabeth Bishop. It reads:

“the sweet peas cling
to their wet white string
on the whitewashed fences;
bumblebees creep
inside the foxgloves,
and evening commences.”

Perhaps the poem provided a moment of inspiration to the Blue Bloods actress, or maybe she just appreciated the beauty of the words. Either way, the final snapshot embodies the feeling of tranquility and simplicity that Hawk demonstrates in her time with her family.