‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Stuns in New ‘Portrait Mode’ Snaps

by Amy Myers

Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk set her blue-eyed phasers to stun with her latest Instagram selfies. The actress portrays Detective Abigail Baker on the hit crime drama, who works closely with Reagan family patriarch and police commissioner, Frank.

Although Hawk’s character is not considered one of the show’s regulars, she still manages to be a Blue Bloods fan favorite through her fierce loyalty and dedication to New York and the Reagan family.

In Hawk’s newest selfies, she gives her followers a close-up in “Portrait mode.” She wears a sultry pout as she shows off her pink lips, nose piercing and neatly curled hair. In her second photo, she strikes the same pose but with a black-and-white filter laid over top. Although Hawk usually has cameras on her all day on the set of Blue Bloods, she demonstrates with her selfies that she still likes to point one at herself once in a while, too.

Abigail Hawk Rumored to Leave ‘Blue Bloods’

Although Hawk’s character on Blue Bloods isn’t technically a regular, Detective Baker is still crucial to the storyline. Acting as Frank Reagan’s most trusted confidante, she offers the police commissioner guidance and often handles any backlash that comes his way. However, due to a recent episode in Season 11 of the crime drama, fans began wondering if the character and actress are leaving the show for good.

Previously, in Season 8 of Blue Bloods, Detective Baker tried to submit her letter of resignation. However, Commissioner Reagan persuaded her to reconsider her decision. Her position with the NYPD never became an issue again until the latest season.

While walking home with arms full of groceries one evening, Detective Baker was the victim of an attack. Aside from some bruises and scrapes, the detective was physically okay. Emotionally was a different story. Feeling ashamed for not having protected herself better, Detective Baker began to reconsider resignation.

After receiving news that she couldn’t work her own case, she felt further agitated. Finally, when the commissioner commended her for her ability to fight the perpetrator off, Baker had enough. The battered detective felt that if she remained in the field rather than by Frank’s side, she would have been able to protect herself.

The episode ended with some ambiguity. The commissioner was again hesitant to have Baker resign. However, this time, Baker was more determined. The two conceded that the detective would continue working until they found her replacement.

Of course, for fans, this hardly provided closure. Without Baker, Commissioner Reagan lacks a trusted ally. This leaves room for someone with poor intentions or their own prerogatives to misuse the position. Baker also provided one of the only friendly faces in the higher offices of the NYPD.

So, fans are left to wonder without Detective Baker, who will protect the Reagans?