‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Wishes America a Happy Birthday in Beautiful Snaps from Vacation

by John Jamison

“Blue Bloods” star Abigail Hawk is celebrating Independence Day by spending the holiday with her family. She posted to Instagram, wishing the country a happy birthday, and included a series of pictures from her vacation.

The Hawk family rang in the Fourth in style. Based on the pictures, it looks like there was no shortage of fun to be had. They did everything from watching fireworks to the kids getting to play with some themselves. Okay, not quite fireworks. But sparklers are a great time, nonetheless.

The post also features an obligatory picture of an American flag. There is also what appears to be a real Maine lobster, and some red and blue flowers.

“Happy 4th of July to you. Beautiful pictures. Your boys are so adorable,” one “Blue Bloods” fan commented.

“So much Joy in these pics!! Happy 4th! us,” another added.

Since 2010, Abigail Hawk has been playing Abigail Baker on the hit CBS show “Blue Bloods.” Over the course of the show’s run, she has appeared in more than 200 episodes as the NYPD detective responsible for the Commissioner’s schedule.

And believe it or not, her own personal life has a pretty serious connection to the world of New York public services. Her husband, Bryan Spies, is a lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department. The couple has two kids together and prefers to remain out of the public eye as a family. But the connection has surely served Hawk well in her portrayal of a New York City police officer.

Fellow ‘Blue Bloods’ Co-Star Marisa Ramirez Wants More Screen Time with Abigail Hawk

As a result of her character’s position on the show, Hawk spends a great deal of time acting with Tom Selleck. Selleck, of course, plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods.”

One of her co-stars, the very recognizable Marisa Ramirez, who plays Maria Baez on the long-running CBS police drama, doesn’t share a ton of scenes with Hawk. But in a recent interview with PopCulture, Ramirez talked about which cast members she’d like to work with more on “Blue Bloods.” Her first answer was none other than Abigail Hawk.

“I would love to work with Abigail [Hawk], you know she’s just- we sat with each other at the wedding, and we had such a good time together. And there was that female energy that we just kind of were craving more of together. But it would be really nice to kind of be able to spend the day with her at work,” Ramirez said in the interview.

Abigail Hawk is set to reprise her “Blue Bloods” role in the upcoming season of the show. So maybe Marisa Ramirez will get a chance to work with her more, after all.