‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Remembers Hilarious Moment From Pantyhose Commercial in 2020 Interview: ‘I Just Kept Eating Cheesecake’

by Jennifer Shea

Many people think it’s easy to be a model. Sit in front of the camera, stare into the lens and voila, there’s your room and board costs for the month. But “Blue Bloods” star Bridget Moynahan has some horror stories from her time in the modeling trenches. And one of them involves an endless supply of cheesecake.

Moynahan was modeling pantyhose for a commercial. She was supposed to eat some cheesecake, and then a male model would look at her legs. There was just one problem. The male model was feeling uncooperative that day. And so Moynahan was stuck eating cheesecake for one take after another.

“I did a commercial for like pantyhose… back in my past life,” Moynahan explained. “And they made me eat cheesecake throughout the entire commercial. I just kept having to eat the cheesecake. And eat it and eat it. And the male model was supposed to look at my legs, and he wouldn’t look at my legs. So I had to eat more cheesecake. I’ve never had cheesecake since.”

Watch Moynahan describe the experience to PopCulture (at 7:45) here:

‘Blue Bloods’ Tries to Keep Moynahan’s Wardrobe Realistic

Since she’s a former model, it might be tempting for the costume people to dress Moynahan up in the latest designer fashions. But she said they actually take pains to make Erin Reagan’s wardrobe authentic.

In a 2014 interview with The Aquarian, Moynahan admitted that she’s familiar with designers that even a hotshot New York prosecutor couldn’t afford. But for the most part, she said, they try to dress her character realistically.

“I’m sitting in my dressing room right now, so I’m looking at all my costumes,” Moynahan said then. “It’s funny, because we mix a lot so I might end up wearing some designers out of my character’s price range. But we do try to keep her clothes in a bracket of what would be affordable for someone in her type of job. It’s a wide range, but I do try to keep it realistic. Nowadays, you can get great knockoffs of the higher-priced designers anyway.”

Even Erin Reagan’s apartment is furnished with her character’s salary in mind, Moynahan added.

“I have a new apartment in my storyline,” she said. “And looking at it, I asked, ‘Where did we get this furniture?’ But it was actually affordable, even though it looks nicer than my own apartment. They were very conscious about that.”

And those touches of realism are no doubt appreciated by “Blue Bloods” fans. With the show recently renewed for Season 12, fans can look forward to more gritty realism when “Blue Bloods” returns.