‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Reveals Look at ‘Erin Reagan’ as a ‘Disney Character’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Bridget Moynahan shows fans of Blue Bloods each Friday what it’s like to be smart, powerful and beautiful along with being a terrific mother, daughter, sister and granddaughter.

Moynahan plays Erin Reagan, the only daughter of New York Police commissioner Frank Reagan, who is portrayed by Tom Selleck. She’s also his second-oldest child. She’s part of law enforcement in that she works as a prosecutor, serving as bureau chief in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

But with Blue Bloods on hiatus for the summer, Bridget Moynahan is keeping her character alive with her fans on social media. On Monday, Moynahan was having some silly fun, pondering what Erin Reagan would look like as a Disney character.

She gave her 270,000 followers a choice, captioning the photo gallery: “Erin Reagan as a Disney character! Which one do you like best?”

Last Summer Bridget Moynahan Turned Herself Into Disney Princess

It’s not the first time Bridget Moynahan has wanted to look like a Disney character. She tried out the filters on her Facebook and Instagram accounts last year, pondering what she’d look like as a Disney princess. What middle-aged woman didn’t secretly want to be a Disney princess at the height of a pandemic last summer? Life would’ve been far simpler.

Moynahan celebrated her 50th birthday, April 28. She looks fabulous, on Blue Bloods and off of it. And as her birthday approached, she publicly welcomed it.

“I am really excited about turning 50,” Bridget Moynahan told NewBeauty.com. “I feel great. And I look great. I don’t know, I don’t seem very fazed by it at all. I’m just really excited for it to happen. Is that weird? “

Yes, it’s a bit weird to be that excited. We’ll be honest, most women try to avoid acknowledging the number in a decade birthday. Then again, most women aren’t former high-end fashion models.

Moynahan, Like Her Character, Is Working Mom

She also enjoys playing Erin Reagan, who has a grown daughter on the show. In real life, Moynahan has one son, Jack. Tom Brady, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback for both Tampa Bay and New England, is the father of Jack and the two share custody. Moynahan discovered she was pregnant in the days after the super couple broke up. Jack was born in August of 2007.

Moynahan married businessman Andrew Frankel in 2015. That was five years into her run playing Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods.

She’s been on the show for all 11 seasons. Four years ago, Bridget Moynahan explained how the show keeps getting better.

“Part of the success of this show is that every single year, the writers are writing better stories,” Moynahan said during a 2017 cast interview celebrating its 150th episode. “More complex, deeper, giving us more interesting stories to play. “

And, Bridget Moynahan loves to use her Instagram account for some silliness along with droplets of wisdom. Seems like Erin Reagan, if she was a real person, would do the same.