‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Reveals if She Writes Down Her Lines in 2020 Interview

by Jennifer Shea

“Blue Bloods” star Bridget Moynahan has a funny memory. It works for some tasks but not for others.

In a November 2020 interview with “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Moynahan revealed whether she writes her lines down and keeps them somewhere on the set during filming.

“I don’t,” Moynahan replied to Kelly Ripa about whether she had her lines somewhere nearby. “For some reason, I can memorize lines, but I cannot memorize a song. I cannot repeat any lyrics. But I have seen people do that, yeah.”

Moynahan added that while they had been shooting scenes outside during the pandemic, they were not in a very populated area. So they kept the shooting relatively contained.

“We haven’t really made our way back into New York City yet,” Moynahan said.

Watch the interview clip here:

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Says Cast Is ‘Easy’ With Each Other

In a 2019 interview with “The BUILD Series,” Moynahan marveled at how long she’d been on “Blue Bloods” – at that point, for a decade – and talked about how well they all get along. She said the set is drama-free – outside of, obviously, the drama that takes place once the cameras start rolling – and they’ve fallen into familial relationships with each other easily.

“It’s been exciting for us, I’ve seen Sammy Gayle, who plays my daughter on the show, really grow up on the show,” Moynahan said. “When I see the first season and who she is now, it’s incredible. She’s grown into such a confident young adult, really. She’s an adult now.”

“And you know, everybody on the cast, we just have become like a family,” Moynahan added. “And we kind of started that way. We really fell into these relationships easily. And we have just grown with each other the past 10 years.”

Moynahan seems well aware that things could have gone differently. With a different group of people, there might have been differences that would have seeped into the show.

“I wonder if it wasn’t so easy for us, and you know, drama-less outside of the work, if it would last so long,” she mused. “But because we are so easy with each other, and support each other, that it just maybe spills into the work.”   

Indeed, audiences seem to respond to the characters’ easy rapport on screen. And “Blue Bloods” was just renewed for Season 12, so there will be more Reagan family drama on the way before long.