‘Blue Bloods’ Star Said Donnie Wahlberg Breaks Out NKOTB Dance Moves Often

by Matthew Wilson

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg likes to stay busy. Not only does the actor star on the hit police drama, but he’s also the frontman for New Kids on the Block.

It’s been several years since Wahlberg and his singing partners have been “new kids,” but they’ve kept the act up over the years. New Kids on the Block still travel the country and globe playing at concerts for their eternally young fans.

Given his schedule, Wahlberg has to practice his dance moves somewhere. So he often chooses to bust a move in between shots on the “Blue Bloods” set. Wahlberg’s co-star Bridget Moynahan discussed his impromptu dance moves in a 2011 interview with Parade. Little has probably changed over the following decade in that regard.

According to Moynahan, Wahlberg drops some fresh New Kids on the Block dance moves for his co-stars to enjoy. In fact, Moynahan saw the moves so often that she could probably mimic the same dance moves herself. But she considered Wahlberg to be the better dancer.

“In between every setup! I’ve seen him do them so many times, I could probably rehearse their entire new tour for you, though I wouldn’t be as smooth and graceful as he is,” Moynahan told the outlet.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star on Music Fame

In regards to the entertainment biz, Donnie Wahlberg has been a jack-of-all-trades. Kicking off his fame, Wahlberg rose to prominence in the boy band New Kids on the Block. But these days, audiences know him for both being an actor and being the brother of Mark Wahlberg.

For over a decade, Donnie has starred as Danny Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” entertaining audiences everywhere. In fact, the actor once compared the experience to being at one of his New Kids on the Block concerts. So that’s where the dance moves come from.

“There’s nothing like shooting here,” Wahlberg told the television network. “I get energized on the streets. And it’s such a big city, there’s so much going on, and of course, our characters’ jobs as police officers is to control what’s going on.”

The experiences are obviously very different. But Wahlberg described a similar sort of energy to both ventures. At concerts, Wahlberg stands before thousands of the screaming Blockheads faithful. Such experiences have certainly not made Wahlberg shy in the least. So when he’s on set, Wahlberg taps into that same entertainer mindset for his “Blue Bloods” role.

“In my music career,” Wahlberg added. “How do I get control of 15,000 screaming people in an arena and get them to follow along where I want to take them during a song or a moment or an entire concert? I think that’s what I do in ‘Blue Bloods,’ but in a different way.”