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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Celebrates a City of ‘Eight Million Stories’ in BTS Photo

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Donnie Wahlberg was all ready for “Times Like These” as he prepared for the second episode of Blue Bloods’ twelfth season.

On Friday evening, the Blue Bloods star took to Instagram to note that there are many stories – eight million, he says – to be told throughout New York City. And, Wahlberg notes in the post, he and his Blue Bloods costars are proud to share the ones that they do.

“There are 8 Million Stories in the naked city …” Wahlberg wrote in his Friday evening Instagram post. “Tonight we’ll tell another one. #BlueBloods Friday.”

The awesome behind-the-scenes Insta photo included in the Friday night message was a classic black and white snapshot. Wahlberg is all smiles as he walks down the New York City streets. The very same streets that often serve as the setting for almost every single Blue Bloods episode.

Wahlberg, who plays New York City police detective Danny Reagan in the CBS series was right on top of things last night as the second episode of Blue Bloods season twelve which is titled “Times Like These” premiered. The star was live-tweeting with his fans during much of the episode.

“Hope you guys enjoyed the show!” the Blue Bloods star said on his Twitter Friday night as the show came to a close.

Of course, Donnie Wahlberg loves connecting with his fans whether it be to discuss what’s happening with his Blue Bloods family and coworkers, or his longtime New Kids On The Block Fans.

“Back again next week to tweet with you all again for another new episode!” the star added to the tweet. “#BlueBloods + #Blockheads = an awesome Friday night!”

Things Are Intense For ‘Blue Bloods’ During ‘Times Like These’

Blue Bloods fans were thankful to have Wahlberg on hand as things unfolded during last night’s episode. As always, the Reagan family and their coworkers set up an awesome hour of drama. Particularly with the case that Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan and his partner Maria Baez find themselves investigating.

When they come upon a child who has been injured in a gang-related attack, Danny wants to find answers. Danny and Maria are able to track down one member who is holding information. However, he refuses to give the detectives any information.

Meanwhile, Danny’s sister, Erin who works for the New York City’s District Attorney’s office as the Assistant DA, has a conversation with the suspects…exploring deal options.

This, of course, doesn’t sit well with Danny, especially as their actions lead to the hospitalization of the young fourteen-year-old who he and Baez helped earlier in the episode.

Could This Be the Sign Erin Has Been Waiting For?

While emotions were running high during the episode, they did take an exciting turn at the end as the Reagan family came together for their traditional Reagan family dinner.

There, Frank Reagan surprises his daughter, Erin, with a campaign sign that says Erin Reagan For District Attorney. Suggesting, of course, that Erin expand her role in the office, running on the Manhattan District Attorney’s election ticket.