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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Is ‘Crying Tears of Joy’ for Fenway Park Shoutout

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MRC)

Donnie Wahlberg star of Blue Bloods just got a big shoutout that every Bostonian wishes they could experience in their lifetime. New Edition and New Kids on the Block are being celebrated as they perform and battle each other at the AMAs.

On the Fenway Park scoreboard, there was a small message. Wahlberg posted on Instagram and gave his thanks for the honor. Even after all these years, those boy bands of the 1980s and 90s are back in style. With New Edition and NKOTB bringing the performance on stage, they deserve a little encouragement. Even after all these years, people can’t get enough of these groups. It’s especially exciting to see New Edition with Bobby Brown and company make a return.

Check out Wahlberg’s Instagram post below.

“13 year old @donniewahlberg is crying tears of joy, amazement, and disbelief – and so is 52 year old @donniewahlberg #ne4life #BOSTON #NEKOTB @newedition @nkotb,” the caption read with a heart emoji.

Donnie Wahlberg is dusting off the mic to sing and dance with his bandmates once again. While he used to rock the microphone for years, his job most days is starring in Blue Bloods as Danny Reagan. Danny is usually in the streets and working the beat in NYC. His latest task involved what looked like a store robbery. However, after some questioning, it ended up being more of a domestic dispute. When your son has a gambling debt, there are some crazy things that could happen.

As for the rest of the Reagan family, it looks like most of them are starting to find some calm this season. That is except for Erin. The ADA is not wanting to run for District Attorney. The Blue Bloods character has been dealing with a lot of issues at work. There could be an issue with the current DA, but after a family dinner, she might have changed her mind.

‘Blue Bloods’ Frank Gives Erin Advice

In the last episode from Friday, Blue Bloods fans got another family dinner scene. Ahead of Thanksgiving, family dinner is on the minds of all Americans. At first, we see the family sitting down to dinner and Pops is talking football. Soon, Erin brings up her decision not to run for DA. Frank gives some solid advice.

“Sometimes an emphatic no is the last step you have to take before jumping in with two feet,” Frank says as the table falls silent. Erin smiles as he says, “something to think about.” 

It isn’t clear what the Blue Bloods ADA is going to do. She doesn’t want to be seen as coming for her boss’ job. However, she seems to be feeling better about the situation. Of course, the conversation immediately went back into football.