‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Is Surprised He Looks Like Donnie Wahlberg

by Michael Freeman

Many of us have had fun with various Instagram filters, especially the celebrity lookalike ones. Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg tried his hand with one and to his surprise, he looks like Donnie Wahlberg.

Yes, you read that correctly. In an Earth-shattering revelation, Donnie Wahlberg recently discovered he looks like the popular Blue Bloods star. Luckily, he shared the experience with the rest of us via an Instagram post. In it, we see the filter slowly cover the screen and a shocked Donnie Wahlberg who can’t help but hide his disappointment. The somber music and the text reading “I feel cheated” really completes the hilarious video.

“I suppose I should be happy, but I was kind of hoping for a surprise in the Cracker Jack box! Sheesh! #beforeandafter #beforeandafterscan,” Wahlberg captioned the post.

His fans are eating it up too, chiming in with their own sarcastic commentary in the comment section. “Hey you look just like Donnie Wahlburg! Omg I just kept laughing and laughing!! So funny!!” someone wrote. “You do look a lot like Danny Regan,” said another.

Others just voiced their appreciation for the Blue Bloods actor. “You’re so funny, Donnie! You are the best! You make Blue Bloods look like the number one show on TV!” and “You can’t mess with perfection” are but a few of the loving comments the Donnie Wahlberg lookalike received.

It’s okay Donnie Wahlberg, some of us just can’t help looking like Donnie Wahlberg. Perhaps he was hoping he’d look like his television father, Tom Selleck? I think we all kind of wish that though.

Donnie Wahlberg Wishes His ‘TV Dad’ Tom Selleck a Happy Birthday on Instagram

On the subject of fathers on television, Donnie Wahlberg’s recently celebrated his 77th birthday. Wahlberg took the chance to wish his “TV dad” Tom Selleck a happy birthday on Instagram with heartwarming pics to accompany it.

“Happy Birthday to my TV dad, and real life friend & father figure, Tom Selleck!” the post’s caption begins. “Thankful to have you in my life “dad”, and blessed to have a small supporting role in the amazing legacy that is your life! Love you, Dad! Always, Son!”

Wahlberg didn’t miss the chance to have some fun too and made fun of Selleck for likely not knowing anything about the social media platform. “(ps, I know you won’t see this because you probably have no idea what @instagram is, but it’s ok because I don’t mind sharing with the world that you mean a lot to me),” the caption continued.

The two actors have been co-stars for years now and just like a real family, aren’t afraid to poke fun at one another when the opportunity presents itself.