‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Misses His ‘Work Family’ in New Photo

by Samantha Whidden

On Wednesday (November 10th), Donnie Wahlberg took to his Twitter account to proclaim how much he misses his Blue Bloods family.

“Missing my BH Fam at work today…” the Blue Bloods star declared in the post. He also added the “Wednesday Motivation” as a hashtag. 

Blue Bloods is currently three episodes away from its mid-season break. The show kicked off its 12th season in September. 

Donnie Wahlberg Opens Up About the Famous ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinner Scenes 

During a 2019 interview with CBS, Donnie Wahlberg discussed the famous family dinner scenes on Blue Bloods. “A lot of that’s improvised,” Wahlberg declared.”Someone else might kick me under the table and say, ‘Stop adding those improves, but Tom [Selleck] doesn’t.”

Wahlberg also shared that his Blue Bloods co-star even pulls him aside six months later to discuss the way he improvises during those scenes. “He’ll say, ‘I love the way you fill in all the holes in the dinner scene. It needs you. You keep it alive’ What a great thing that the head of the table just trusts me. It means the world to me.”

While discussing his personal relationship with Selleck, Wahlberg described Selleck as a real solid individual. “After we watched the pilot, he said to me, ‘I’m really good at making scripts better.’ And I thought he was going to offer me, ‘So if you need help, come to me.’ But that’s not what he said.”

Wahlberg recalled Selleck actually telling him that he was going to count on him to run “through walls” and do what he does for the run of the show. “And I said, ‘I’m there, man. I got your back.’ And that’s been our relationship ever since.”

Donnie Wahlberg Reveals Some Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Moments 

While also chatting with CBS, Donnie Wahlberg recalled hilarious moments on the Blue Bloods set. “There have been times when Marisa [Ramirez] and I laugh probably for an hour straight. We might tell jokes between takes, or someone goofs up a line.”

Wahlberg also stated that his Blue Bloods co-star sometimes pronounces a phrase backward. “Like, for ‘the blue shirt,’ she might say, ‘the shoe blurt’ or something. And we literally have to shut down production for about 20 minutes until we get it out.” 

Wahlberg goes on to share how much he really appreciates Blue Bloods and being on the set. “When I really started becoming an actor and being taken more seriously, I really loved the idea of TV. And TV wasn’t cool [back in the day]. We didn’t really have all these cool cable and streaming shows.”

The Blue Bloods star added that there’s something about a one-hour drama that just makes total sense to him. “And probably because I’d been touring and living out of a suitcase. The idea of showing up to work in the same place every day was something that appealed.”