‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Once Revealed Unfortunate Side Effect of Eating Vegetables During Dinner Scenes

by Keeli Parkey

“Blue Bloods” is a show that is filled with much more drama than comedy. However, according to one of its stars, what goes on behind the scenes is often pretty funny.

That star is Donnie Wahlberg. He plays the character, Danny Reagan, in the popular CBS drama that follows the lives of a family of police officers in New York City.

One of the most popular scenes in pretty much any episode of “Blue Bloods” takes place when the entire Reagan family gathers for family dinner at the home of patriarch Frank Reagan. Frank is played by Tom Selleck.

Filming these dinner scenes takes hours. While filming underway, each cast member usually consumes his or her share of food. This, according to Wahlberg, doesn’t always have the best results. He talked about this during a 2016 interview on “Live With Kelly and Ryan.”

It was Kelly Ripa who brought up the topic of the dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods.”

“I’m always obsessed your, you know, when you have your big dinner scene,” Ripa told Wahlberg. “I’m obsessed with food scenes in general because they’re shot over the courses of so many takes and everybody has to have their coverage.”

Ripa then wanted to know what foods the “Blue Bloods” star consumed while filming those famous Reagan family dinner scenes.

“What do you eat on your plate that you can eat over and over and over and over again?” Ripa asked.

Donnie Wahlberg Said He Usually Eats Vegetables While Filming Dinner Scenes on ‘Blue Bloods’

While filming the dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods,” actor Donnie Wahlberg said he likes to stick to a particular food group.

“I do eat in every single dinner scene, usually vegetables, which seems like a good idea because, you know, if you’re eating a lot of steak or whatever – which we have like pot roast and things like that – that could be problematic,” he told Kelly Ripa.

However, eating so many vegetables also creates its own sort of issues.

“But, if you eat a lot of broccoli or green beans, that could be a bigger problem,” Donnie Wahlberg said, which made the audience break out in laughter. “I learned that it’s, yeah, a lot of gas is created.”

“You could like levitate off the table,” Ripa then joked.

“The table pushes away from my stomach and then I notice I have to do – people say, ‘Well, he has to leave the room a lot.’ You know, walking outside for ‘fresh air breaks,'” Wahlberg joked.

Actor Vince Vaughn was on the show when Donnie Wahlberg appeared. And Wahlberg’s dinner scene revelation made Vaughn look at the dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods” differently.

“I will watch those dinner scenes with a whole new outlook,” Vaughn joked. “I’ll have different things going on. No, I love the dinner scenes, but now when I watch it I’m to be able to add another sense …”

You can watch Donnie Wahlberg talk about filming the dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods” below.