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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Posts Moving Tribute to Sister Who ‘Stays Out of the Spotlight’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg took to social media to share a picture of himself and his sister. The duo were nothing but smiles.

Wahlberg gave his sister Tracey a big hug while the two stood in front of a gorgeous waterway. Wahlberg admitted he may have broke one of his sister’s rules by posting the pic. Tracey Wahlberg is usually a private person, shunning the spotlight.

But Donnie wanted to give credit where credit is due. He posted a moving tribute to his sister, who is the “rock” of the Wahlberg family.

“My sister — what an amazing human being she is. She stays out of the ‘spotlight’, and may give me an eye roll for posting this, but she shines brighter than any star in the sky. She is absolutely the rock in our family and we could not have managed this past year without her guidance, her strength, and her grace. I love you, Tracey!” Wahlberg wrote.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Sister Avoids the Spotlight

Unlike her more famous siblings, Tracey Wahlberg generally avoids the spotlight. You won’t catch her starring in a big budget action film or guest starring on the upcoming season of “Blue Bloods” for instance. She leaves that up to her brothers, Mark and Donnie.

But the Wahlberg clan is bigger than just the acting duo. In fact, there are nine total Wahlberg siblings. Tracey, Paul, Donnie, Michelle, Debbie, Arthur, Jim, Robert, and Mark are all siblings. They also have three half-siblings as well – Buddy, Scott, and Donna. Unfortunately, their sister Debbie passed away suddenly in 2003 from a heart attack. She had been at the hospital to have kidney stones removed.

Because she is a private individual, not much is known about Tracey. For instance, her employment remains a mystery. But according to scant reports, Tracey is married to Michael Marcarelli and the couple shares two children. She also made a guest appearance on the TV series “Wahlburgers” before as well. That show follows the family’s chain of restaurants.

Donnie, Mark, and their brother Paul are the stars of the show. Paul is an accomplished cook in the culinary world. But the show featured a variety of the Wahlberg clan and their associates. The show also starred the family’s matriarch, Alma, as well. But sadly, Alma recently passed away leaving the Wahlberg family distraught.

Tracey Wahlberg may avoid the spotlight. But she means a lot to her family including her brother Donnie. And he wanted to take the time to celebrate her and her accomplishments.