‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Reveals 3 Things He ‘Didn’t Know’ About His Son’s Band

by John Jamison

Music runs in the Wahlberg family’s blood. Both “Blue Bloods” star Donnie and brother Mark launched their careers with their own bands, respectively. Now, it’s Donnie’s son Elijah’s turn.

Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg is 19 years old, and as his namesake suggests, he’s passionate about music. Whether or not he was motivated to pursue the field because of his dad’s musical success, the young man is finding a sound that’s all his own. And his “Blue Bloods” star dad couldn’t be more proud.

In fact, he took to Twitter to brag a little and share a few things that surprised him about his son’s musical endeavor. You can’t pay for that kind of promotion.

Elijah’s group is named Pink Laces. Apparently, the name derives from his favorite pair of Jordans- a collaboration with rapper Travis Scott.

Another thing that surprised Donnie is the ’80s influence he heard throughout his son’s music. Coincidence? Well, the synth vibes he channels in his song “Paradigm” coincide with the heyday of his dad’s own band, New Kids on the Block.

Finally, the “Blue Bloods” star gave his son’s song the seal approval, calling it fire and informing his one and a half million Twitter followers that it’s available now. The official video for the song is included below. You can watch the Pink Laces jam below.

How Did the ‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Fan Base Respond to the Music?

Anyone familiar with Donnie Wahlberg via “Blue Bloods” may not be aware of just how rabid his New Kids on the Block fan base is.

The long-established band can still sell out a venue at the drop of a hat. And though the pandemic put a damper on live music, the group has been doing exactly that as of late. Many of the fans would support Donnie, the Knight brothers, Joey McIntyre, and Danny Wood no matter what, to include the members’ families. But one would hope that they’d be honest in their reactions to new music.

Whatever the case, the “Blue Bloods” star’s Twitter following has been loving the new song from Pink Laces.

“I just watched the video on YouTube! All I can say is it’s absolutely amazing! I can already tell he gets all his talents from you not to mention your great looks! I bet you’re one proud ‘Dad’,” one fan wrote.

“I get such Depeche Mode vibes from @pinklacesmusic music takes me back and I love it all kids got talent,” another observed.

“Wow!!! Elijah did such an awesome job on this song and video!!!! Reminds me of someone else… …but with his own style! The genes are definitely there though!” a fan raved.

At only 19 years old, it’s safe to say the “Blue Bloods” star’s son has a promising musical future ahead of him if he keeps at it.