‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Reveals He’s in Entertainment Business for ‘One Reason Only’ in Exciting Video with His Band

by Jennifer Shea

Yesterday, “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg shared a little video of the energy and pyrotechnics that went into his band’s recent Fenway Park show. New Kids on the Block made their triumphant return to Boston with a bang.

And in a new Instagram post about the experience, Wahlberg added a heartfelt message to his fans about why he’s in the entertainment business in the first place.

“I’m in this business for one reason and one reason only — my love for you and for the joy I get in seeing your smiling faces,” the “Blue Bloods” star wrote. “I love you my Blockhead fam.”

Wahlberg Thanks Fans, Says Months Of Planning Went Into Show

For the opening number of their Fenway Park show, New Kids on the Block combined fireworks with synchronized dance moves broadcast on supersized screens to give their fans a thrilling comeback performance.

“During pre-production of NKOTB Fenway, somebody asked ‘are you sure you want to do all this on the very first song, it’s more like a finale?’” Wahlberg recounted. “To which I replied ‘you’re damn right it’s a finale — the wait is FINALLY over.’”

The “Blue Bloods” star said he had envisioned the show, exactly as it played out in that video, months in advance. He collaborated with the whole New Kids team, he said, and tinkered and practiced and prayed, until they got it just right.

“I stayed up so many nights with goosebumps, listening to this soundtrack, hopeful that we would finally ‘Come Home’ again,” the Wahlberg posted. “Not just home to Boston, but home to our families and to our beloved Blockhead family. Believing that, somehow, this vision of all of us together (under a sky of confetti and fireworks) would manifest into reality.”

Wahlberg added that he is inspired by New Kids on the Block fans – or Blockheads, as they refer to themselves – for the strength they showed over a year-plus wait for the band’s return. The pandemic shut down live performances of many types, including the New Kids, but now they’re back, and Wahlberg couldn’t be happier.

‘Blue Bloods’ Renewed For Season 12

Meanwhile, Wahlberg’s hit TV show, “Blue Bloods,” will be back for Season 12. After some initial confusion over whether the Season 11 finale would also be the series finale, CBS renewed the series this April.

Showrunner Kevin Wade told Deadline in May that he feared CBS was planning to end “Blue Bloods” after they told him how the last two episodes of Season 11 would air.

“We were told pretty early on, I think before Thanksgiving that our season finale would be the last two episodes and would air back to back, which I immediately took as they’re planning to wrap up the series,” Wade said.

Fortunately, “Blue Bloods” still has more time left. Monsters & Critics predicts Season 12 will premiere sometime in late September, based on previous seasons’ premiere dates. But CBS has yet to announce an actual date.