‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Reveals How Drew Barrymore Contributed to a Scene in Last Night’s Episode

by Maggie Schneider

Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg is giving Drew Barrymore props for helping the cast shoot one scene in the show’s newest episode. Last night’s show entitled “Allegiance,” finds and Baez and Danny on the hunt for a well-known talk show host named Mimi Martinez. The crew needed a television set where the fictional TV personality shot her show.

This is where Drew Barrymore comes in. The very real movie and television star gave the Blue Bloods cast the set of her own talk show to use. The Drew Barrymore Show films its one-hour episodes on a colorful soundstage in New York City. Of course, viewers cannot see anything of Barrymore’s show in this scene. Instead, it is seen as Mimi Martinez’s talk show stage.

In his latest tweet, Donnie Wahlberg shares more details with his fans.

“Ok — the scene we shot at the “Mimi Martinez” talk show, was actually shot on the @DrewBarrymore stage,” he says. “@DrewBarrymoreTV let us use it and it was really fun. We had to shoot away from all of the stuff with her name and face on it! She wasn’t there but I want to be on her show!”

Fans are hoping that Wahlberg makes an appearance on Drew Barrymore’s talk show in the near future. Or, better yet, maybe Barrymore could guest star in a Blue Bloods episode. The possibilities are endless.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Marriage to Jenny McCarthy

The Blue Bloods star speaks very openly about his relationship with Jenny McCarthy. Inseparable since 2014, the couple remains “lucky in love.” In an interview with CBS This Morning, Wahlberg talks about their compatibility.

“Her and I sort of came around in the same era, and [have] both, you know, gone through divorces and gone through so many similarities, both professionally and personally,” Wahlberg says. “And to discover each other, really for the first time, in our 40s – we never really met through all those years. We just hit it off, yeah. And very similar sort of mentalities and spirituality, and very similar philosophies. I think we have so much in common that it just, it’s a really wonderful fit and I think we complement each other very well.”

Jenny McCarthy feels the exact same way. In an interview with Rachael Ray, she talks about their 7-year anniversary.

“We just celebrated our 7-year anniversary. And I can’t even believe that we’ve made it seven years,” she laughs. “Which is a good thing because it feels like it’s only been about a year.”

Calling themselves “lucky in love,” the couple gets creative whenever they are away from one another.

“We still FaceTime-sleep together every night that we’re not together,” McCarthy says.

We love to see this celebrity couple thriving.