‘Blue Bloods’: Danny Reagan Actor Donnie Wahlberg Said He ‘Was Begging Writers’ To Let Him Be a Mets Fan on the Show

by Katie Maloney

Donnie Wahlberg only had one hope for his character when he started filming “Blue Bloods.”

Sports fans know that when you choose a team, your team loyalty dies hard. Rivalries have plagued relationships, families, and even the closest of friendships. But hey, when you love your team, you love your team. “Blue Bloods” actor Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan on the show, knows a lot about team loyalty. As a Boston native, Wahlberg grew up a die-hard Red Sox fan. So, when he landed a starring role on the hit television show based in New York (Boston’s main team rival), he had some stipulations.

“I’m begging them to let me be a Mets fan, the writers,” said Wahlberg with a laugh during an interview in 2011. “It’s still unofficial, I think they want us to be Yankees fans. But I’m sliding my paychecks back under the table to let me wear a Mets hat.”

Wahlberg also added that he was thankful that the New York Yankees had won the World Series because it seemed to calm down the heated rivalry with Boston a bit.

“I think since New York won the world series, Yankees fans have lightened up a little,” said Wahlberg. “Instead of saying ‘Go back to Boston’ with an angry face, they say it with a smile.”

Luckily, the show hasn’t really delved into sports team allegiances, so Donnie Wahlberg’s Red Sox fanship is safe.

Donnie Wahlberg talks about wanting to be a Mets fan on “Blue Bloods.”

Donnie Wahlberg Celebrated The New Kids On The Block Reunion At Fenway Park

You know you’re a Red Sox fan when you celebrate some of your biggest life moments at Fenway. And that’s exactly what Donnie Wahlberg did in 2017. After New Kids on the Block reunited and announced their North American Tour, the red Sox franchise invited them to kick off their tour with a party on the Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck. Fans jammed out to some of the band’s best hits before the Red Sox played the Orioles. And Donnie Wahlberg made a surprise appearance at the party. He danced with fans, hung out with Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts and even hugged the team mascot Wally.

Do Sports Rivalries Effect Donnie’s Marriage?

Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg’s wife, is a Chicago native and outspoken Bears fan. However, as a Boston native, Wahlberg is a loud and proud New England Patriots fan. So, do the couple’s team preferences ever cause conflict in their relationship?

According to an interview from 2016, Wahlberg and McCarthy’s marriage is safe.

“I can’t really ever root for the Bears, just because of 1985 — the 46-10 (win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XX), but I have come to respect that team,” said Wahlberg.

However, he said that he respects the team – which is all any fan can really ask for.

“I love Mike Ditka, even Buddy Ryan,” he added. “They were great coaches. You can’t hate on those guys. That team was incredible. When a team is great, you gotta respect it.”