‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Said His ‘Original Connection’ To the Show Was the ‘Family Element’

by Robert Davis

During an interview with CBS News, Donnie Wahlberg revealed that the family element of “Blue Bloods” is what originally drew him to the show.

“The family dinner scenes where Bridget Moynihan’s character (Erin Reagan) and mine will argue and it reminds me of dinner with my sisters,” Wahlberg told the news station. “But, it’s also been a fascinating journey getting to play this character (Danny Reagan). And as I’ve gotten to know more about police work, it’s a lot different than we were. In a lot of ways, it’s very informative for a lot of people.”

Wahlberg got his start in showbusiness nearly 30 years ago as a founding member of New Kids On The Block. The boy band formed in Dorchester, Massachusetts, which is where Wahlberg grew up. Since then, Donnie has built a successful acting career. He’s appeared in movies like Bullet and some of the SAW horror trilogy.

Donnie also comes from a very large family. He was the eighth of nine children with the only younger sibling being Mark Wahlberg. He also has three half-sisters from his father’s first marriage. Their names are Donna, Scott, and Buddy.

“Blue Bloods” Also Explores a Diverse Set of Views

Like any family, opinions are as different as the people expressing them. That’s another reason Wahlberg says the show resonates with so many people.

“Everyone in the show has their own perspective on police work,” Wahlberg said. “You know, Danny is the hardline cop and so he always takes the hardline stance. But, the beauty of the show is that everyone has a different point of view and we get to explore complex issues from all of these perspectives. So, I hope the dinner scenes help the audience understand those points of view. It’s not just yelling and screaming.”

One of the most complex topics the show has explored is police brutality. In one episode, Danny is accused of using excessive force and has to reconcile his actions. Wahlberg said that episode made him more “mindful” of what police officers go through on a daily basis.

“On set, learning police procedure has been very eye-opening,” Wahlberg said. “But, as Danny I have to play it full-on. However, when people see these procedures play out on a video, they don’t always understand that this is how our officers are trained.”

Donnie Stays Busy Away from the Precinct

These days, it seems like Donnie can’t get enough work. Between takes at “Blue Bloods”, he’s also found time to appear on FOX’s “The Masked Singer”, according to his IMDb page. He made it all the way to the semifinals as Cluedel-Doo.

He’s also produced other shows such as “The Wahlburgers” which followed his entire family around, and “Rock This Boat,” a television series about New Kids On The Block.