‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Sends Emotional Message About Life Being ‘Too Short’

by Michael Freeman

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg is renowned for his role on the show, but also for how well he treats his fans and his inspirational social media posts. His most recent one is no exception, stressing “life’s too short” to spend so much time worrying.

“We worry about so much. Our time here is so little. Make time for gratitude. Take time for love. Life’s too short. #spreadloveandlovewillspread,” his post reads.

The message resonates strongly with his followers and fans for good reason. One person replied “you’re right we often worry about stuff we shouldn’t and it takes time away from what matters like family, friends. So take a moment today, be grateful for those people/moments because not everybody gets it and life is too short to not be thankful. #spreadloveandlovewillspread.”

Donnie Wahlberg’s fanbase, who are referred to as “blockheads,” are very close to one another and frequently offer support. Another follower replied to Wahlberg’s message about receiving said love and support.

“You are 💯. I’ve been reminded of that so many times these past two weeks. I have never felt or received more love, I have never felt so grateful for all of the people or things in my life. Life is to short. #spreadloveandlovewillspread.”

Wahlberg’s words are as emotional as they are wise, and it’s great he’s spreading so much positivity.

Donnie Wahlberg Is All About ‘Unconditional Love’

Donnie Wahlberg’s tweet this morning is hardly out of the ordinary. Not only does he regularly give back whenever he can, but he fosters “unconditional love” in general and with his community of “blockheads.”

Earlier this month he posted about it on Twitter, talking about what it truly means to love without placing conditions on it.

“Unconditional #LOVE means — love without conditions. When we place conditions on #LOVE, perhaps we should question why we are placing conditions on it, rather than questioning why our supposed unconditional conditions aren’t being met. #SundayMorning #BHLove #loveeternal,” he passionately stated.

Wahlberg practices what he preaches, with his mantra being “spread love, and love will spread.” In this month alone, he’s done several things for notable charities.

For instance, after seeing someone was selling a signed “Band of Brothers” box set for charity, Wahlberg issued a challenge to his fans.

“Blockhead family — if you can generously get the amount up to one thousand, I will personally make a donation of another $1,000 to the cause! (Yeah, I’ll do it anyway but it would be great if we can get there together) #BHLove.”

Regardless of if his fandom reaches the goal, he still said he’d donate $1,000 personally.

In another instance this month, Wahlberg drew attention to a fundraiser benefiting Healing Vine Harbor. This organization helps at-risk women who are not prepared for independent living.

In short, Wahlberg’s generosity is both genuine and humbling.