‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Sends Short & Sweet Message to Fans Reminding Them Exactly Why They Love Him

by John Jamison

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg has a sea of adoring fans. Whether they found him via his role as Danny Reagan on the hit crime drama or discovered him all those years ago when his boy band New Kids on the Block first became a sensation, the Wahlberg man has gotten a lot of love throughout his life. Now, he’s paying it back by letting his fans know that their adoration has not gone unnoticed.

Since 2010, Donnie Wahlberg has been acting alongside names like Tom Selleck and Bridget Moynahan on the CBS police drama “Blue Bloods.” The show has been heralded, at least by a few members of the NYPD, as one of the best-dramatized depictions of law enforcement on TV. That’s no small thing, considering the sheer number of procedural and law enforcement-based shows out there.

Because of the show’s success, Donnie Wahlberg has enjoyed even more recognition than he had previously. He had achieved plenty before “Blue Bloods” came along. His accomplishments ranged from hit songs to a few major roles in shows and movies. But over the past 10 years or so, there has been a Donnie renaissance, so to speak.

And now, he wants his fans to know that he loves them back.

The tweet is a sweet gesture. And even though it’s a short message, it didn’t go unappreciated by Donnie’s 1.4 million Twitter followers.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Fans Love Him Right Back

Now that live concerts are becoming a more realistic prospect with each passing day, Donnie Wahlberg’s band, New Kids on the Block, has announced a few shows in August. Needless to say, the “Blockheads” out there can hardly contain themselves.

“All us blockheads love you Donnie can’t wait until Fenway in exactly 44 days and also get the see the one and only Jordan Knight,” one loving Twitter user responded.

“You sent this just at the right time…put a little smile on my face. Not because I think you are talking to me directly, but that your fans like me know you are thinking about us. It’s definitely why I’m still around and enjoying your vibes 32 years later!” A longtime admirer added.

“A high school classmate just ate at Wahlburger’s yesterday. She is married to a cop and watches Blue Bloods too. Her son is going to College somewhere near one of your stores. God bless you and your family. Big hugs and love.” Another fan replied.

Donnie Wahlberg Has Always Shown Love to His NKOTB Fans

The short and sweet Twitter message aside, Donnie Wahlberg has a long track record of looking out for his New Kids on the Block devotees.

He uses almost every opportunity he has to shout them out in one way or another. In fact, he said that his recent appearance on “The Masked Singer” was dedicated to those very fans (and to his wife). And recently, the band announced a new line of merchandise they think fans are going to love.