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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Shares ‘Love Eternal’ With Moody Stage Photo

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Blue Bloods‘ newest season is in full force and the star of the program Donnie Wahlberg has been a hit character once again on the program. Donnie is a busy guy, though, and he tweeted out a “#loveeternal” message with a picture of him in concert.

If you were unfamiliar, the “love eternal” message stems back to his New Kids on the Block days. Per the group’s website, they are expected to go on tour beginning on May 22 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Perhaps the post has to do with Donnie getting excited about going on tour again with his bandmates of thirty-plus years?

It wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering back in September, Donnie posted an emotional memory from the very first night New Kids on the Block got back together.

Frank Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods‘ newest season is moving right along, but one of the biggest questions folks had, and continue to have, is the family dynamic and its future on the show. As Tom Selleck said before the season began, “The complications of family are endless. In a family where so many are tied to the business, even Frank’s father has his own opinions. What is most important in family dinner is it’s not “Kumbaya”; it’s the disagreements.”

This is how the Reagan family works, this is one of the favorite dynamics on the show for Blue Bloods fans. How do they keep coming to the table for family dinners with so much difference between them typically. The fact that they’re all tied to law enforcement only enhances the issues that typically arise on the show.

Selleck continues, “Frank’s a little senior. He’s also still wearing his wedding ring. We’ve never gone into it. Maybe it’s too self-centered a story about the why of all that. He’s pretty much wrapped himself in his work. The hardest thing about it is, especially with someone who is obviously as vulnerable as Frank and probably scared of relationships, you can’t just bring somebody on the show and do an episode about it. It takes a lot of planning.” Will they ever go into the wedding ring aspect? Will the show ever go down this road? There is time to make that happen, but, as Selleck said, it’s going to take some planning.

He concludes, “He’s attracted to women all the time, but dating’s a different thing. I don’t know how you get to a date in one episode. They have to hire somebody who’s willing to, No. 1, make a leap of faith, like I did on Friends—there was no script—and have a significant arc. That’s the only way to do it.” You can watch Blue Bloods each week on CBS.