‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Urges Fans To ‘Throw Actual Love Around’ in Motivational Post

by Joe Rutland

Donnie Wahlberg of “Blue Bloods” is sometimes a pretty deep thinker when it comes to sharing thoughts from his heart.

Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan on the CBS police drama, often shares those kindred words on social media. He did it again on Friday with a thoughtful, motivational quote on Instagram.

Take a look at what he wrote to his Instagram audience and to the world as well.

“Don’t throw the word #LOVE around, like it’s keys onto a table after a long days work. Throw actual #LOVE around, like it’s a giant pile of confetti in the most epic celebration. #spreadloveandlovewillspread.” That’s the quote from one of the “New Kids on the Block” founders.

Love is an important topic for Wahlberg as he’s focused on his kids as well as his wife, actress Jenny McCarthy.

“Blue Bloods” keeps him busy, though. He’s been playing one of Frank Reagan’s sons since the show premiered on CBS. Tom Selleck plays the NYPD commissioner and Danny’s father.

The show will start its 12th season this fall. Besides Wahlberg and Selleck, others returning in the “Blue Bloods” cast include Bridget Moynahan, Len Cariou, Vanessa Ray, Will Estes, and Vanessa Ramirez.

Catch the new season starting on Friday, Oct. 1, at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Blue Bloods’ Director Had High Praise For Tom Selleck On Show

Selleck is no stranger to television series. Obviously, Outsiders might know him from playing private investigator Thomas Magnum on “Magnum, P.I.”

Yet he’s been working on “Blue Bloods” for 11 seasons. Selleck has a way about him that can draw viewers in and make them feel quite comfortable.

“Blue Bloods” director David Barrett point-blank said in an interview that Selleck is a reason fans connect with him and the Reagan family.

What is it about Selleck that makes him and the other cast members so compelling? Barrett said it comes down to its heart, mainly the Reagan family.

“My brand, if you will, is to find the heart in a show,” Barrett said. “Where is the heart? If there’s no heart, it’s not relatable. If it’s not relatable, (then) it’s not commercial.”

Barrett said in an interview with “Stunts Unlimited” what he believes is the show’s unique “heart.”

“With a grandfather that’s a lot like Tom Selleck, it just kind of felt like home,” Barrett said.

The TV show keeps its fans on edge with the different storylines that involve Selleck, Wahlberg, and other Reagan family members. Watch the dinner scenes from the Reagan home. Those scenes appear to draw lots of interest for its fans. “Blue Bloods” will provide must-see TV on a Friday night as Season 12 is upon us.