‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Urges Followers to ‘Be Kind’ in Moving Analogy About a ‘Bad Driver’

by Quentin Blount

If you don’t already follow Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg on Twitter, you should. It is a surprising treasure full of inspirational quotes and positive messages.

Have you ever just needed a little boost to get your day started? A compliment or a message about life that will change how you approach the day? Well, the Blue Bloods star has you covered. He seemingly has never had a case of the Monday morning blues in his life. He uses his official social media accounts — particularly his Twitter account — to post all kinds of lovable content. Sometimes it’s about his adorable family, and other times it’s wholesome Blue Bloods or New Kids on the Block content. But either way, it’s always a piece of content that rings true to us all.

We have known and loved Donnie Wahlberg for a long time now. The actor has been starring in the police drama Blue Bloods since 2014, where he plays a seasoned detective in Danny Reagan. But on this Monday morning, he’s just your friend Donnie posting on Twitter about loving one another. Wahlberg tells his followers to always “be kind” while using an analogy about a bad driver.

“Sometimes we assume someone’s a bad driver,” Wahlberg begins his post. “When they’re actually an exceptional driver of a damaged vehicle with bad steering or worn-out brakes, or a busted transmission.”

“Same with life,” he continued. “Be kind. #MondayMindfulness #MindfulMonday #MondayMorning #spreadloveandlovewillspread.”

Fans Respond To Positive Message From ‘Blue Bloods’ Star

It definitely seems like Donnie Wahlberg’s positive attitude rubs off on people. At least it does for some of his followers on social media. The infectious outlook from the Blue Bloods star had his fans in awe once again on Monday.

“It’s true, you never know what the person in front of you is going through,” one person said. “They might have just left the hospital after losing a loved one. Or just got laid off. Everyone carries a burden. Kindness and love are two things that are equally nice to give AND receive. Be kind!”

At least we are not the only ones who think that Wahlberg has a way of always putting things into perspective. Another follower thanked the Blue Bloods actor for helping them to realize his important message of being kind.

“Oh, Donnie. Thank you,” the follower replied. “I try to be kind to everyone, it’s difficult, but your reminders help me realize everyone may not be in the same situation in life as I am.”

That’s a good point — it’s not always easy to be nice. Sometimes we react in the moment and say things we don’t mean to. But with a leader and role model like Donnie Wahlberg in our ears, maybe — just maybe — we will all think the next time before we speak or act.