‘Blue Bloods’ Star Explains How She’s Grown Into Herself ‘as a Woman’ in Decade-Plus of Show

by John Jamison

Spend a decade doing anything, and there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to shape your entire outlook on life. But most people don’t have the luxury of hundreds of episodes of a hit TV series to document it. “Blue Bloods” star Abigail Hawk, though, recognizes how much she has learned—and how far she has come—due to the 10-plus years she has spent on the show.

Not only does “Blue Bloods” represent the height of Hawk’s success in her young acting career, but it also represents nearly a third of her life. The 36-year old Abigail Baker actress has appeared in more than 200 episodes throughout the majority of her adulthood.

As one would expect, this time commitment has shaped who she is as a woman. In 2019, she sat down with Hamptons.com to discuss her career. During the interview, Abigail Hawk was asked what it meant to her to be involved with “Blue Bloods,” a show that has “resonated with audiences for so long.”

“It’s very special. I feel as if I’ve almost grown into myself as a woman, in this decade that I’ve been working. Really, everything that I’ve learned as a professional actor has happened on my time on the show. It’s a personal triumph for me, but it’s also a professional and creative triumph. It’s incredibly rare for a network show to make it to 100 episodes, let alone 200,” Hawk said.

Truly, some of the biggest moments of her adult life took place after she had already started working on “Blue Bloods.” She got married and had kids, and she has created security for her acting career by contributing to such a well-liked show.

Abigail Hawk Thinks ‘Blue Bloods’ is Only Getting Better

Harder than keeping a show on the air for 10-plus years is maintaining a show’s quality for that long. “Blue Bloods” has seen some minor cast upheaval over the years. It has also drawn criticism for its structure at times. Yet, the show continues to be loved by millions.

The reality of the matter is that most shows simply run out of material. The trick is to get the audience invested in the characters. That way, as they grow and mature, there is a natural well of fresh material from which to draw. Hawk hit on exactly that during her interview.

“I just think every season we’ve gotten better. Audiences really connect with these characters, and they know them and are rooting for them and are invested in their growth. It’s just been very exciting to be part of a story that really marries a procedural drama with a character drama. It remains one of the strongest highlights of my life, truly,” Hawk continued.