‘Blue Bloods’ Star Explains How Role Helped Him Understand How Being a Cop ‘Changes You’

by Megan Molseed

Will Estes has portrayed a New York City police officer on the hit television “Blue Bloods” for over a decade.

While the actor realizes his training is very different from that of an actual police officer, he does think his experience playing one on the hit CBS police procedural has helped him appreciate how being a cop changes a person.

“When you look at somebody who’s a cop or military personnel not in uniform, you can just feel it,” the “Blue Bloods” star explained in a recent Men’s Journal interview.

“You don’t know what it is,” Estes continued. “But you can tell that they’re a cop or military person, and I think it’s because the job changes you.”

Officers Need Training Different From Anyone Else

For Will Estes, it is the fact that police officers need to learn how to handle situations differently than anyone else that creates this type of change.

“You have to deal with people in a way that no one else does,” the “Blue Bloods” actor explained.

“I mean, you learn to come in and control an isolated situation with other human beings for your safety and for their safety,” Estes continued. “You learn to deal with people and the roughest elements of society in a way that nobody else really does.”

Since the 2010 premiere of “Blue Bloods,” Will Estes has portrayed the youngest Reagan family police officer, Jamie Reagan.

He is the youngest son of Frank Reagan who is played by longtime actor Tom Selleck. Jamie and his siblings, brother Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and sister, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) are all members of the New York City legal system.

Danny serves as a New York City Police Department detective on “Blue Bloods” and Erin is currently serving as the New York City Assistant District Attorney. Each one of the Reagan children has followed in the footsteps of their father, Frank. As well as their grandfather, and Frank’s father, Henry Reagan (Lou Cariou.)

Frank Reagan worked his way up through the New York City Police Department ranks over his career. He now serves as the New York City Police Commissioner. This is also a position that was once held by Henry.

Jamie’s other brother, Joe, was also a New York City Law Enforcement Officer. He was killed in the line of duty.

Since taking on the role of Jamie Reagan, Estes has found a certain admiration for his character and Jamie Reagan’s real-life counterparts.

“Blue Bloods” Star Appreciates the Heros

“Police are really scrutinized these days,” said Estes. “I think that it’s a frustrating part of the job.”

Estes acknowledges the difficulties that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis. However, the “Blue Bloods” star is quick to point out that law enforcement officers are still portrayed as heroes on many television shows.

“I think a cop in a uniform or a detective in a suit is a quintessential hero,” the “Blue Bloods” actor explained.

“It’s about justice,” he added. “And I think there’s a reason that there are a lot of cop shows on television.”